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Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. But let’s be real do RCA ever really push any promo.
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  2. RMK


    Angels Like You would've probably turned things around for her. It's still sitting in her top 5 on Spotify, and an undeniably great song.
  3. She should have had new music to go alongside all these festival performances, building on the tentative success of Plastic Hearts, and the fairly positive public perception to this sound from her.

    But it's Miley, so...
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  4. She’s due soon apparently.
  5. I’m really looking forward to what she has coming next off the back of this album. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.
  6. Younger Now remains terrible but the art direction was phenomenal.
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  7. Looking sickening. Also, new era is coming!
  8. Watch it not be music.
  9. Watch it be a new album with a great first single and generally great music which she abandons within hours after release just to perform cute but overall pointless covers for the rest of her life.
  10. Watch it be a covers album ddd
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  11. Ninth...album...?
    1. Meet Miley Cyrus
    2. Breakout
    3. Can't Be Tamed
    4. Bangerz
    5. Dead Petz
    6. Younger Now
    7. Plastic Hearts

    Anyway, she looks amazing, and I'm so excited for wherever she's gonna go next musically considering how seriously great Plastic Hearts is.
  12. They probably consider The Time of Our Lives an album. Honestly, I low key do too ddd.
  13. Ddd same but I didn't think official publications counted it as one.
    I wish it was a full album just cause I'd love to hear other songs from those sessions nn.
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  14. It’s honestly a crime that it wasn’t a full album because it definitely felt like a proper era. I mean, Party in the U.S.A? The tour? When I Look at You? Iconic.

    Obsessed and Kicking and Screaming are great deep cuts as well. Took me forever to realize the latter’s actually a cover of an Ashlee Simpson bonus track.
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