Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts

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Swae Lee: *exists*
I really like the EP. I would’ve preferred if she kept the sound of Mothers Daughter all the way through though. It’s easily the best song on the EP. Is anyone else getting Icebox by Omarion vibes from Unholy? It’s an old time favorite of mine so it’s a very welcome similarity.
I like the EP but nothing screams single to me, just nice and easy to listen to tracks.

Catitude has all the makings of a RuPaul song but the lyrics are so try hard. I like the tune but the lyrics are just awful.
The EP is mostly... whelming and it still seems she still has zero sense of who or what she wants to be artistically, seven albums in.

However, Swae Lee swooping in and completely undermining everything else she's thrown at the wall in the surrounding tracks with a vocal that sounds like he's having a nice sing-song in the bath is honestly iconic. We stan a king.
Party Up The Street is the keeper from this set.

Cattitude is exactly where we are right now with the mainstreaming of drag/drag ball culture. That's not a read (exactly) but this song was basically inevitable.
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