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Miley Cyrus - She Is Here / She Is Miley Cyrus (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Girl still got a Best Remixed Recording GRAMMY nom for MOTHER'S DAUGHTER (WUKI REMIX). Granted, the trophy would only go to Wuki.
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  2. I have seen the harvest
  3. She’s split with Cody apparently.
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  4. She really made herself look like an idiot for a relationship that lasted a MONTH.
  5. Relatable queen, etc.
  6. Apparently she was doing it purely to make Liam jealous and he didn’t give a fuck so she lost interest in Cody dddd

  7. Imagine thinking Cody Simpson would stir any emotion in someone.
  8. Woohoo! I think the original deserves one though.
    Oh thank God. Hopefully the music campaign will be back on track after she's healed.
    Seriously extremely relatable.
  9. Remember when it seemed like we were gonna have a good Miley era for the first time in six years but as soon as it came time to release she had another identity crisis and said something stupid enough for me to demand she keep her mouth shut, only for her to then have surgery on her vocal cords while she swaps spit with Sexy Quasimodo

    That said, where's Bad Karma? Where's the album? Did Cody Simpson and vocal surgery derail everything or was it something else?
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  11. I mean, having vocal surgery would delay things, no? Especially if they had a decent amount of promo planned that’d require a lot of interviews and live performances. Slide Away and this year’s EP not becoming huge smashes probably but a damper on things too.
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  12. I know, I just felt like she'd have at least talked about it. I'm glad she's okay now, as she performed at the Happy Hippie thing, but it would've been nice to have confirmation for the delay. I should've made it clear that I didn't mean "why hasn't it been released" and more meant "why hasn't it been talked about". I'm sure RCA are pissed about the poor performance as well.

    Also, don't know much about PARTYNEXTDOOR. Is this a collab I should be happy about?
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  13. PARTYNEXTDOOR is signed to Drake’s OVO record label, co-writes for Drake often and penned Rihanna’s Work and Wild Thoughts, Bey-Z’s Shining among many others.
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  14. Thank you! Sadly, I know none of these. However, I see they co-write Christina's Maria, so color me cautiously optimistic.
  15. Mess at me thinking she already collaborated with PARTYNEXTDOOR when I was thinking of Party Up The Street.
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Mother's Daughter and On A Roll still smack. Not many pop girls have a 1-2 punch like that anymore.
  17. The 1-2-3-4 punch of Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, Mother's Daughter, On A Roll & Slide Away brought me around to Miley this year in a way I never expected. Cautiously perched for what comes next. As long as it doesn't involve Cody Simpson.
  18. it possible to not know Work?!
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