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Miley Cyrus - She Is Here / She Is Miley Cyrus (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. I want to make sure we're all on the same page about Wish We Never Met making the album. Thanks.
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  2. Yes. We are. It's one of her best, another classic Miley ballad in the line of Wrecking Ball, Lighter, I Get So Scared, etc.
    And officially, I believe it's called Angels Like You.
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  3. Ok I need to hear this one...

    Miley ballads are can be the best!
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  4. Bad Karma is glorious.
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  5. Angels Like You would honestly not be a bad lead single. Its got a great chorus, its radio friendly, ties into her personal life, and you know she'd kill it live.
  6. I love What Do I Know? the chorus gives me a bit of Robot flashbacks.
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  7. Rob


    She is Leaking. If Miley's scrapping it I'm glad we got to hear Nightcrawling at least as it is epic.
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  8. Not heard any of the leaks but judging by the reactions to them, it is another missed opportunity from Miley.
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  9. This. It's a great song.
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  10. Nightcrawling fits her so well. The fact that all the leaks form a cohesive effort is such a waste.

    1. Mother’s Daughter
    2. Slide Away
    3. Unholy
    4. Nightcrawling
    5. What Do I Know
    6. Bad Karma
    I need to find the rest of the leaks but this direction WAS/IS (?) perfect for her.
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  11. Ok so Night Crawling is THE collaboration of the year... Gaga and Ariana who?!

    I’ve got a good 14 track album already but it is missing Wish We Never Met in high quality!
  12. Welp ok let me take a trip to my Brazilian website of choice and listen to all the leaks.
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  13. Just heard "Bad Karma" and... that's the song that caused all the craze? Honestly, it sounds much more like a good album track than an exceptional lead single.
    It's a bit odd (those 'uh oh...' bits can be jarring), but I like the chorus.

    Glad that we can finaly hear "What the Fuck Do I Know?" in full, it's a great song. The chorus is so powerful, and I got slight Arctic Monkeys' "AM" vibes from the production. Yet another album-worthy track.

    She really found the sound which suits her perfectly and where nearly every song that surfaced so far is stellar. I really hope we get a full project in this music style.
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  14. Seeing all this praise for the leaks fills my heart with joy.
    And the more I think about it, the more I feel like none of these will be scrapped? I mean, it could be wishful thinking, but almost all of the 10 leaks fit the rockier sound, and that's almost a full album. Unless she has another album full of songs in this mold, I can see them all making it. I hope I'm right, but I guess we'll find out later this year.
    And I agree with @Drew that Angels Like You would make for a great lead, for all the reasons said. I think if they just specifically wanted a hit, it would work, cause I could see it going at least top 10 with the right push. I'm sure they're not planning on switching from Bad Karma as the lead, which would be unwise, but if it ends up flopping, if they make Angels Like You a quick follow-up with a huge push and a great video, they could get the hit they want.
    Also, since I'm kind of "eh" about Selena and Demi now, I'm really happy I still obsessively stan the fuck out of Miley. She's always been my fave of the three, since she's the most interesting musically of the three, as well as being an obviously good person, despite constantly putting her foot in her mouth.
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  15. To be honest, Bad Karma is one of the weakest songs.
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  16. Personally I love it, but I get why some of y'all think this. It really doesn't work as the kind of lead single we'd expect from a huge album campaign. And the "uh's" I think are hard to sallow. On the bright side, I think it could make for a great music video.
  17. Ok now that i've bumped into @Music Is Life on the train station i can add that:

    - California Dreamin' - This would work so well as an album opener.
    - Gimme What I Want - I like this. A LOT.
    - What The Fuck Do I Know - This is how you bring that pop-punk emo sound and make it work.
    - Win Some - i'm digging this and it's a bit of a rockier sister to If You Seek Amy which is a scream.
    THE 'BAD'
    - If I Die - this has the same emo vibe of I Really... but done in a way that sounds at least interesting.
    - Angels Like You is not really for me. I like the guitar riff through the song and maybe with some additional production it can be better but it's just bland.
    - I Really Wish I Hated You - flashbacks to the emo pop-punk sound of 2005 not for me.
    - American Dream is AWFUL (worse than Cattitude)

    1. California Dreamin'
    2. Mother's Daughter
    3. Bad Karma
    4. Slide Away
    5. Gimme What I Want
    6. Nightcrawling
    7. Win Some
    8. If I Die
    9. What The Fuck Do I Know
    10. The Most
    11. Unroly

    Overall i'm not really sure what to think. It all falls a bit short for me and i was liking everything more before i heard the new leaks dd.
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  18. RJF


    So let me get this straight: pretty much everything she had locked and loaded for release... leaked?
  19. Bad Karma would flop but that chorus with the guitars is bumpkin ear candy.
  20. Dddd to be fair to Angels Like You and If I Die, I think the ones that leaked are low-quality, and may sound better in HQ. As for American Dream - yeah everyone hates that, and I doubt it'll make the album anyway. i stan cause it's very Dead Petz-ish but I get why it's hated. Glad you like the other ones though.
    We don't know if it;s everything but definitely a large chuck of it has, including the apparent lead single
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