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Miley Cyrus - She Is Here / She Is Miley Cyrus (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Gimme What I Want is my favourite now let's get that title into work @mileycyrus
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  2. Taste! Also yes please.
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  3. Which one is it? I might have stumbled upon a train too. Kind of weird to listen to a mish mash of leaks first, but this will do before I go back to her debut.
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  4. Bad Karma. And I love that you're starting here dddd.
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  5. Yeah! Need a ticket, sis?!

  6. I didn't listen to any clips of Bad Karma while you all hyped it up to be this 11/10, revolutionary song and now I've listened, it's that it?
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  7. I think @Speakerphone said Bad Karma isn't the lead single. That the reason nothing happened at the start of the year is cuz they were still waiting on a "hit".
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  8. Oh. Well good! Now they just need to realize Angel's Like You is right there.
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  9. They definitely should have pushed Mother’s Daughter as the lead single and scrapped the EP idea. People legitimately liked it, she had tons of hype from Black Mirror, and it did very well streaming wise. Slide Away was the perfect second single and also did so well on streaming. It’s truly infuriating that the two best songs of her career that were shaping up to be big hits were just left to die and now they’re left scrambling for a hit to lead the album with absolutely no hype/excitement. It just makes no fucking sense. Pull the plug on RCA, please.
  10. Me to Miley's label:
  11. Ok, I LOVE the 10 leaks, Slide Away and She Is Coming even Cattitude. I already have a nice 17 track album, I can't complain. Wish she releases something this year tho.
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  12. I stumbled across this remix on YouTube and I'm bopping so much oof:
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  13. Mother’s Daughter and Slide Away are career highlights. So good!!!!
  14. Slide Away actually has more streams than Mother's Daughter now and is still number one on her Spotify, which is unusual for someone like Miley with several hits that still get streams. I'll never not be mad that they didn't push it.
  15. I still haven't touched any of this, including the initial EP since I cannot see what the point is. She honestly comes across as completely disconnected from the music side of things and it makes me feel similarly indifferent. Why is she/her label/her management like this.
  16. I was fully expecting Bad Karma to be shit & y'all were overhyping it but it's pretty much exactly what I want from her.
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  17. Right??
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  18. Okay wait, all of the leaks are pretty great? I don't say that lightly since I think most of her music is shit but this is what I HOPED Younger Now was going to sound like. Bad Karma, California Dreamin, Hate Me/If I Die, & Night Crawling are all exactly what she should be doing.

    I hope American Dream got sent to the shredder though nn.
  19. God we stan a fellow Swiftie with taste.
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  20. Wait, her entire album leaked before she even announced the lead?
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