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Miley Cyrus - She Is Here / She Is Miley Cyrus (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. It might not be the whole album.
  2. Probably won't be the full album anymore!
  3. I don't know about that. It depends on if Miley/RCA have caught on to the fact they all leaked, and I don't think they have.
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  4. Mother’s Daughter is good, but in my opinion, Slide Away is a million times better. It just never gets old and is an actual tuneee.
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  5. Slide Away is a serious contender for her best song.
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  6. I know we slam labels a lot here, but not realising an entire album has leaked when it's being discussed at lengths across multiple platforms is surely even something they couldn't miss... Surely?
  7. RMK


    Labels know when music gets out there, it's their job. Didn't someone post when all this started most of what got leaked initially was scrapped? Only a handful were probably intended for the final cut.
  8. It's RCA...I wouldn't put it past them to not know. But I also wouldn't put it past them to not acknowledge it at all, and continue like they have, and just pretend like nothing happened, and move forward with the set release plan. Actually, as I write that, I think it's more like that's the route they took, especially since for the most part, the songs have been well-received, so they'll have Miley keep the songs for the album (hopefully) and just make us wait.
    No one said anything had been scrapped? Not from these leaks, as far as I can remember.
  9. What Do I Know is a rush of a song.
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  10. Makes you wonder why she's waiting to release this. Even if she released half of what we've got and saves the rest for a proper release with a tour bundle it'll get her streaming numbers up and remind the GP she exists.
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  11. Party Up The Street is a career highlight as well. She fits this vibe perfectly.

    @Beautiful Child 2 was right when he called Swae Lee the new Big Pop Girl. His voice is divine.
  12. A song from the Meet Miley Cyrus era just leaked. It’s called “No Stopping Me”.
  13. I honestly don't think it's her that's holding back the album at this point. It's the label. Thy're probably too invested in it's commercial performance, and don't want her to release it when literally almost everyone else is releasing music.
    Legit one of the best songs of 2019.
    An underrated album! Such a great debut. And the song is cute. Wouldn't mind if it had made it, but it wouldn't have added much to the album.
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  14. It's been 84 years.... and nothing of Not This Girl
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  15. It's amazing.

    Also listening to all the leaks and between the first EP, Slide Away and them there really is a fantastic pop album to be found.

    Too sad they did not had a clue how to handle all of this.
  16. That's the one which had a snippet available for years. Just listened to it.
    It's a cute, typical pop rock track for her at the time, but nothing remarkable.

    There are short snippets of songs called "Right Handed Man" and "Cold Blooded" that surfaced yesterday, both presumably recorded for the upcoming album.
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  17. I don't understand the neurosis with not wanting to release when there are other artists releasing - there are literally always other artists releasing shit. Consciously avoiding a behemoth like an Adele album release, or some other highly anticipated, surefire #1 like that makes sense, especially if you're gunning for that top spot, but then we're talking about a one or two week postponement.

    "Mother's Daughter" was a strong look for her and it's strange not to build on it.

    I'm not sure label execs etc. know what to do with Miley Cyrus, product and market-wise.
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  18. She’s quick to distance herself from her previous projects and now we’re in a position where she’s probably distanced from the project before it even released.

    I don’t know, I just feel like the label probably want to push the current album/photo shoots/videos?! And I just can’t help but think Miley is probably ready to move on. If she’s not already there then with no release date in sight it’s definitely a possibility.

    They should just stick the original EPs as the final album on streaming and move on.
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  19. Well I've been listening to Angels Like You, Bad Karma, What I Want, Night Crawling, and Mothers Daughter a lot. This has the potential to be her best album. Don't scrap it but also get on with it sis.

    Slide Away is also still excellent but she either needs to record an outro or chop off the last minute. It's not an interesting enough instrumental to warrant 1 full minute of no singing.
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  20. I feel like the label itself is holding back the album, but I also think she wouldn't release anything in the current environment anyway. I think everything is set to move forward in the fall though. I really hope none of the album gets scrapped.
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