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Miley Cyrus - She Is Here / She Is Miley Cyrus (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

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    Would you say that one of them meant a lot to you last year?

  2. Wait what's this? I don't think i've heard this story?

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  4. I can't wait for the interviews about how she "can't even listen to country anymore."
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  5. Yea I'm more interested in hearing how she'll disown her last era than I am in actual new music. Which is a shame and says a lot about her career.

    For whats its worth, I do think Bangerz was a solid album and one of the most squandered pop girl eras in recent memory.
  6. I actually don't think she will disown her last era this time. She might even continue with the same direction but with some more pop songs.
  7. Can’t Be Tamed is her best album, girls.
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  8. My neighbours actually called me to ask if I was ok because I laughed so hard at this
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  9. Why drag Frankie into this.
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  10. Miss Him.. sweetie.. I am so sorry
  11. I'm intrigued about how her next album will sound like.

    "Younger Now" remains my favorite album by Miley and "Bad Mood" remains that 11/10 clear standout track and one of the very best songs of 2017.
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  12. I was ready to dump all over this thread after the disaster that was her last record and I saw 'Space Bootz' praise and my heart melted.
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  13. The Younger Now thread being so unlit that me championing the title track is now the presiding memory of the whole campaign? My impact, Miley's decay.
  14. I really hope we're finally getting a proper follow-up to 'Bangerz'. Hoping it's in that style, unless her last mess.
  15. I can't believe she blue-balled all 10 of her fans that liked Dead Petz..... that album fit her really well.
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  16. People do far too much on Miley, but I guess her stupid social media presence combined with some really stupid media soundbites do invite it.

    The biggest sin she commited with Younger Now was that aside from the two singles, it was terminally boring. That in itself was the biggest shock about the record, given that for all the criticism you could write about Bangerz and Dead Petz, you definitely couldn't criticise them for that.

    I'm not sure where she goes next, but it wouldn't surprise me if she course-corrects with an easy pop hit (and yes, throws everything about this last era under the bus).
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  17. I pretty sure she will collaborate with Mike Will Made it again, esepcially now when every trap song, good or a bad one, charts high.
  18. Liberty Walk is so slept on. It wouldn't have been that out of place on Bangerz.
  19. People would do less uif she wouldn't dismiss her past glories all the time.

    And also it was quite surprising when a lot of people saw her in a very good position she failed completely. So in combination with her ignorance for her own work she seemed to not have an artistical vision that was interesting in any way.

    And all that with her being quite a character.
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  20. I thought all of the people trying to carry the dead whale carcass of Malibu across the finish line was the presiding memory of the campaign?
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