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Miley Cyrus - She Is Here / She Is Miley Cyrus (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

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  2. Yesterday I saw a tweet about a interview Mike Will did with Rollingstone. He said something about a song he and Miley did, he wanted to release it because he said Miley didn't release new music in years. Was he High or is he just ignoring Younger Now. (I am btw)
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  3. Many people think Miley never released after "Bangerz".
    It's a shame, especially because her last two albums are my favorite from her.

    I have no idea what sound will she do next.
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  4. DccwH-5XkAE8nB2.jpeg

    He must be referring to Bangerz. It would be brutal and frankly hilarious if he was talking about Miley in 2018, though.
  5. I seriously thought he was talking about Miley in 2017/2018
  6. What was the point of going? Throwing on a cross necklace doesn't change that you're just in a pretty black dress. There's several women tonight who did something along those lines and its annoying. Its not the Golden Globes. The point isn't to look pretty its to wear a costume. Thank God for Rihanna and Katy and SJP and those who always go all out. Miley looks nice but she could've worn this to present at the Emmys.
  7. Yup. The only point of it was her insta feed which does look cool. The attire is great for a photoshoot but it's underwhelming on tonight's red-carpet.

  8. Malibu was released one year ago, today!
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  9. She wasted her hype by not releasing an album after Malibu teebs.
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  10. She was in the studio with Mark Ronson last night
  11. I'm pretty sure it would have sold more if released immediately no? Even a surprise release a week later would have possibly done more. I am listening to Witness at the moment and maybe I give Younger Now another chance.

    The thing this time around is that last time - before Younger Now - I thought she could do literally everything and succeed.This time around I think she could do everything but it will be an uphill battle that's no way sure she wins.
  12. What is this?
  13. A nice song Miley released last year. Nothing else happened.
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  14. @Miley

    Stay away from him!
    Get a job!
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  15. I don't know what y'all have against Ronson. He was one of the key players for Joanne. And don't we all like Joanne?
  16. I don’t think it’s Mark they have anything against
  17. Ah. I see @Jwentz was speaking to Miley...

    I've definitely seen people rag on Mark though! Although I guess it's those who hate Joanne anyway.
  18. I’m curious to see what could arise from such a combo. Something streamlined, smooth, and effortless would be much appreciated.
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    matthew. Staff Member

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