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Miley Cyrus - She Is Here / She Is Miley Cyrus (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by kevinnnk, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. 'Heartbreaking tunes' they say?
    I'll appreciate it if it was similar to "Pablow the Blowfish", "Twinkle Song" or "I Would Die For You".
  2. No more albums from Miley!

    Stop ha now
  3. Her cover of Wildflowers is stunning. Give me full country fantasy Destiny!

    I will still stan(ish).
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  4. Can't wait. She's been recording for several months now and has recently started teasing fans. Wouldn't be surprised if we have a lead in June, as it was the case with We Can't Stop.
  5. I do hope she releases this year! Younger Now already feels like so long ago
  6. Have I missed something?
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  7. Really, no.
  8. "Miss You So Much" is actually lovely. Crying-in-your-beer-in-a-honkytonk-bar teas.
  9. Well it's mostly uninteresting and the lows are very low. Rainbowland and Inspired are unbearable.
    I save Malibu, Younger Now and I Would Die For You. The rest is dull.

    I really want her to bring it this time.
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  10. Malibu
    Younger Now
    Week Without You
    Miss You So Much

    I love Miley's 4 track EP, Younger Now (2017)
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  11. I see so much praise on here for Younger Now’s title track and I truly don’t understand....Malibu, Thinkin’, and Bad Mood were the only salvageable songs from that scrap heap of an album.
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  12. YN is a cute album. Rainbowland and Love Someone are the worst on it.
  13. We Can't Stop was released 5 years ago! Around the time I was graduating from high school. Wow.

    Miley was in the studio with Mike Will yesterday.
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  14. She needs to start trolling
  15. Hasn’t her entire career been one long troll?

    I love her but, sis.
  16. At this point she may aswell just release a covers album.

    What’s the point in original material if she never stands by it, and there’s no critical praise?
  17. I can’t help but feel her abandoning the persona she had during the Bangerz era has hindered her somehow?

    I mean, I’m so glad she isn’t wearing grills and thinking she’s hood anymore because that shit was never cute. But Younger Now was such an obvious u-turn on everything she said and did during what is looking like the peak of her pop career, that I don’t think people want to buy into her or her music anymore.

    I mean at least when Xtina went from Stripped to B2B there was a concept in place and that was reflected in the music and styling. It feels like Miley is just done playing dress up and wants to be a ‘normal American girl’ again.
  18. Abandoning Bangerz so prematurely was a choice in retrospect. That album had another year for sure.
  19. The kii of it is that Miley during Younger Now is the least authentic version we ever had of her. Less is more did her no favors.
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