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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mikey_selfcontrol, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I know right?! I'd never seen him before and wondered for years what he looked like! He's exactly what I imagined him to be though.. maybe even hotter than what I imagined... nicely dressed, good hair, nice frame.. I think I could be in love?

    Come to my pad anytime, Peter. We can gossip about Girls Aloud & Lady GaGa anytime you'd like.
  2. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Shame of yey for thinking such a thing. He's married man you manteef!
  3. If they whored the song out this week n managed 2 get performances on summat like GMTV and this morning there could still be chance for it but doesn't look like going to happen. SEB has been on nearly every programme going this week n it seems 2 have resulted in much higher chart position that originally expected
  4. There's been a slackening of effort in the last 24-36 hrs, definitely. It fell to @xenofansite to point out that "One Touch" had gone on sale in Ireland yesterday, and MV did not even retweet it!
  5. Not much chance of that since they're going on holidays for the week.
  6. Who goes on holiday the week their single is released?!?!?!

    It's not just shocking because it means that no promo is possible, but if it was me, I just wouldn't be able to enjoy the holiday! I'd be calling twice a day for updates on the midweeks/iTunes!
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Girls Aloud.
  8. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    It's quite hard to compare an established act to a one hit wonder though.
  9. Not at all, I just expected him to be more laconic, when I meant jollier I meant more animated etc. Sorry Mr PJ if you thought I was calling you fat!
  10. Could the fact they've been shifted over to a new imprint have a bearing on the CD being cancelled and lack of promo? iTunes now have their label as "XRL under exclusive liscence to Polydor".

    Really sad this isn't going to do well, it's my favourite track of their so far and deserves to be huge.

    I don't get why things just seemed to stop, especially after what looks like quite an expensive video.
  11. You really think that was expensive?

    It had no budget. I'd say £15k whereas the previous 2 where up £35k each.
  12. I'm not an 'insider' on this campaign, but things seemed to stop because one day recently someone in an office somewhere decided that 'the project' wasn't going to pick up, and decisions made since have reflected that view.
  13. I thought it looked really slick and yeah, expensive! It certainly looks a world away from the 'Tokyo' video!
  14. ana


  15. ana


    This is going to be a painful week.
  16. I do wonder, shouldn't the fans of Girls Aloud's music buy this in droves? It's just exactly the same and now that GA are gone, their fans should have something to tide them over, yet it will flop horribly because in the end, it's all about the celebrity with the Aloud and not the music.
  17. Luckily the girls are on holiday from tomorrow! They probably won't bring their phones so they can't be 'bothered' with the midweeks.
  18. I still find it f*cking bonkers (thank you Dizzee) that they're going on holiday the day after their single is released. Almost like jumping from a sinking ship.
  19. At heart I'm a romantic about these sort of things, feeling that good songs will 9/10 find some sort of an audience, and that celebrity isn't the be-all and end-all, but bleak assessments such as the above make me realise that POV is probably the wrong one, let's face it! I think 'One Touch' is better than anything GA have put out in years.

    If I was a pop act about to tank with my third single and 'the media' were completely uninterested I'd probably prefer to fuck off on holiday as well, rather than hang around here, experiencing what must by now be a very grim atmosphere at Xenomania/Universal and refreshing iTunes every 5 minutes...
  20. Popjustice should run some sort of story on main page along lines of download this amazing track right now or your not welcome on this site.
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