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Mini Viva

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mikey_selfcontrol, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. #691 on the pop feed on iTunes - it hasn't made the overall Top 1000 yet.
  2. SBK


    they're following the girls aloud model.

    i imagine fascination are writing them a cheque and ridiculously handsome contract as we speak
  3. The Tokyo promo is a thousand times better and more stylish than the One Touch video!
  4. Will82, you really need to stop saying things like this. A mutant greyhound couldn't jump these hurdles, so there is not a chance in hell that this site could force a committed readership to download a track from Mini Viva. There is nothing can do to reverse this flop. Nothing. And if I went onto a site that proclaimed, "Download this track or you're not welcome here!" then I'd leave and so would many other people. It's rude and pushy and all for this?

    With that kind of logic, the (far superior) Songs Remind Me Of You would have been a smash hit, which of course it was not. I'm sad that this group is flopping but we can't do anymore than download it.
  5. It shouldn't be Popjustice's responsibility to sell this track, anyway.
  6. So about 1 person has downloaded it so far?
  7. Make that two (just downloaded the EP now. Wideboys mix seems to be the best so far.)
  8. They are at #338 in the main chart now. Didn't expect that at all but I'm glad.
  9. I've downloaded it. From iTunes as well, cost me 9 more pence than from and it's slightly lower quality but i'll do anything I can to help their exposure!
  10. Downloaded it now. The Tom Neville remix is not bad.
    I love this song so much.
  11. 278 on itunes, atleast it's broke into thetop 300 quite early.
  12. Up to 272 now - just for comparison's sake, how is this doing when compared to 'Bittersweet' at around the same time, 12 hours after release? Anyone know?

    Ok, I've had a look through the Bittersweet thread and I think it was around #130 at this time, so I'd say we probably hope for around #65-75 for One Touch.
  13. if I were a Brit, I'd help the cause

  14. I've decided that what would elevate this song from a 9/10 to a 10/10 is if the beats dropped out for the final chorus and then after the big whoosing noise the post-chorus (and the beats) and kick in with a bigger punch for the home straight.

  15. All their singles have said that. It's Xenomania's label.
  16. The other two singles says Polydor for me?
  17. The CDs say XRL...
  18. Ah, I was just going off iTunes.
  19. #204 now. Nobody has heard of the song still it doing relatively well. Imagine how high could it be if released/supported by mass media/promoted properly.
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