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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mikey_selfcontrol, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. This is the most 'things from 2010' post ever
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  2. All robbed of what would have probably been classic debut albums.
  3. I Wish and One Touch are defining bops of the 21st century.

    The actual hit is fine.
  4. Wait don’t do Tokyo dirty like that!
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  5. It was when Not In Love came out. Britt said, among other things, that Frankee “ruined her life”. The MO girls chipped in and said Britt’s the one who tried to ruin Frankee. She then ended the spat by saying she had a new single to promote that’s about to premiere on radio 1.

    When Frankee left MO, Britt tweeted something along the lines of “does anyone know what time I should listen to radio 1?”

    I want a deep dive podcast into this feud to be honest.
  6. I mean, it’s a perfectly good song, but it just doesn’t compare to the other two for me.
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  7. I wanted to upload their videos to YouTube but Tokyo and I Wish were completely blocked, and One Touch got blocked in the UK, US and Canada. Why UMG, why?

    So I turned to Vimeo to upload the AI Upscale I worked on for Tokyo. I thought it has always looked quite poor and compressed, despite coming out at the beginning of the online HD era. The AI did what it could and it obviously fared better in some scene than others, but I'm pretty satisfied with the end result.

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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Great to finally see this in good quality again!
    Hope One Touch and I Wish will follow!
  9. Amazing! What a bop.
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  10. Question: was “One Touch” ever released physically? Like on a NOW! type Compilation or something?
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  11. I think only a promo CD was produced.

    @Dark Ballet just know that if you ever are able to print anything Mini Viva you can charge literally whatever you want for it; I will pay.
  12. Everytime this thread is bumped I think the album's leaked...
  13. Is there even an album to leak?
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  14. I don't recall the specific interview where it was said, but I remember Frankee saying that they were a week out from delivering the final album to the label around the time they toured with the Saturdays. Whether that was their first pass at the album or their post-One Touch material is kind of fuzzy in my mind, but between that and Britt posting a mastered version of Say What You Feel on her Soundcloud page, I took that to mean that they had finished something before they were dropped.
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  15. Frankee did an Insta Q&A early this year and sais one was finished and she still listens to it.
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  16. Ahh, ok thanks.

    Still think it’s an injustice the label cancelled a physical release for “One Touch”, the writing was on the wall though.
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