Mini Viva

I made a few instrumentals of my own. It's not the best but enough to hear the instruments and while I do it I can remove or enhance the background vocals. I haven't uploaded any though I am not sure if I am allowed nor don't know how to use YouTube like that as a channel.
Feels a bit fanficcy. I mean The Boy Does Nothing by Alesha was out before Mini Viva even put out a single..
Mini Viva did confirm that they also recorded it, though - MV were being 'developed' by Xenomania concurrent with Alesha's recording sessions with them!

Re: Da Ho Chain - that was definitely scrobbled by a Xenomania intern or some such, but we don't know if it was a placeholder or joke title. There also had to have been more tracks that were shuffled in/out or outright booted between the first incarnation of the album and post-I Wish's floppage that we aren't aware of. Super weird that no other track titles have been uncovered through BMI/ISWC repertoires, but that may speak to how far along everything really was (or wasn't) before the bottom fell out, I suppose?