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Miranda Lambert - Palomino

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Wildcard - The New Album


    Release: November 1 2019


    1. White Trash
    2. Mess With My Head
    3. It All Comes Out In The Wash
    4. Settling Down
    5. Holy Water
    6. Way Too Pretty for Prison (feat. Maren Morris)
    7. Locomotive
    8. Bluebird
    9. How Dare You Love
    10. Fire Escape
    11. Pretty Bitchin'
    12. Tequila Does
    13. Track Record
    14. Dark Bars

    It All Comes Out In The Wash (1st Single)
    Release: July 18 2019

    Locomotive (Promo Single)
    Release: July 18 2019

    Mess With My Head (Promo Single)
    Release: August 9 2019

    Bluebird (Instant Grat)
    Release: August 15 2019

    Registered Song Titles:
    Be Beautiful
    Dark Bars
    Fire Escape
    How Dare You Love
    It All Comes Out
    Holy Water
    Settling Down
    Mess With My Head
    White Trash
    Way Too Pretty For Prison
    Pretty Bitchin'
    Tequila Does
    My Only Child
    Maybelline Tears
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  2. The "It All Comes Out In The Wash" snippet doesn't sound too good tbh but I'm perched anyway!
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  3. Not a fan of the snippet either. I'm not THAT much of a country listener but I assume Runnin' Just In Case must be one of the genres' finest tracks of all time. What a song.
  4. So ready for this!
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  5. Dead Flowers really did that, didn't it girls?
  6. It's lowkey my favorite Miranda song. When it rains I just need to emote in the kitchen and live my best music video life.
  7. Vice set such a high bar for a first single that I'm lowkey expecting to be just a biT disappointed by the song but then fully snatched by the album.
  8. Nn, that preview sounds shitty, but The Weight Of These Wigs is still one of the best albums of the decade SO I'm sure Mother will come through.
  9. Loving these!!!!
    Locomotive is very Revolution! It All Comes Out In The Wash is like something off Platinum! Two of my favourite albums by her, so I’m delighted!
    I loved The Weight Of These Wings But it was just so massive, I never go back to it much. Glad we’re getting more uptempo’s this era.
  10. That's what I got on my first listen too. I'm enjoying Locomotive much more than It All Comes Out tho.
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  11. Surprisingly, I like both new songs! Love how she always embraces her messiness & has fun with it.
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  12. It All Comes Out In The Wash is very We Should Be Friends. But it’s good. Great, even. Improving with each listen!

    Locomotive is a BOP. Addicted.

    Very excited for the album. She’s so fantastic.
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  13. Well I totaled his truck but he loves me just the same

    Miranda Lambert is just... so essential.
  14. IACOITW is a cute little single for the summer. It's nice to hear her having fun again and making fun of herself.
  15. YouTube audios

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  16. All Comes Out in the Wash is a thousand times better than I expected from the snippet. And the "None of this shit really matters" vibe comes at a good time for me.

    Locomotive is not my tea, but I appreciate it. It just doesn't feel like it goes anywhere, but at the same time it starts off dialed up to 11 so maybe that's why.

  17. Who else would release a single about her failed attempt to be a homewrecker. She put pen to paper about his affair and how she couldn't hold onto him. She made zero attempt to make herself look good or do anything that would get in the way of the truth she wanted to tell.

    Forgiving you, well, she's stronger than I am
    You don't look much like a man from where I'm at
    It's plain to see
    Desperation showed its truth
    You love her and she loves you with all she has
    I guess I should've been more like that

    She's one of the most bold and honest songwriters in the game.
  18. Collab with Maren Morris will be on the album, called ‘Too Pretty For Prison’.
  19. I'm way more obsessed with the new songs than I thought I would be. I love her.

    And I didn't see this when she tweeted it but how cute did she look at World Pride!!

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