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Miranda Lambert - Palomino

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Kinda just had a mini freak out when the Pistol Annies' account followed me!
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  2. I just went back to The Marfa Tapes and how none of that was nominated for anything at the CMAs kinda shocks me. God, I can't wait for her to come back up to Canada. I need to see her.
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  3. JUSTICE FOR THE MARFA TAPES! Come through Best Country Album! What do we think the odds are at a win here considering she won last year? I keep going back to this on vinyl. What a dream.
  4. New single seems to be coming soon, possibly alongside the album pre-order as Miranda's been sending out postcards to fans. The Marfa Tapes, Hell of a Holiday and now another solo album? She's keeping us fed.

    I thought it was Friday the track was coming but seems to be March 10th according to ml.lnk.to/strange.
  5. Love the sound of it so far! Do we know anything about the album and who she worked with this time around?
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  6. Feels like a cousin of Automatic.
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  7. New album, Palomino out April 29th.


    1. Actin’ Up
    2. Scenes
    3. In His Arms
    4. Geraldene
    5. Tourist
    6. Music City Queen (feat. The B-52’s)
    7. Strange
    8. Wandering Spirit
    9. I’ll Be Lovin’ You
    10. That’s What Makes the Jukebox Play
    11. Country Money
    12. If I Was a Cowboy
    13. Waxahachie
    14. Pursuit of Happiness
    15. Carousel

    Strange is out now.

  8. Can’t wait!
  9. Love that it's a long record, and so curious to hear studio versions of the Marfa tape songs! In His Arms, Geraldene and Waxahachie are all from those sessions.

    "Strange" feels like a safe intro and it's accessible enough.
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  10. As per the credits, 'Wandering Spirit' is a cover of Mick Jagger.
  11. Why is she off-center ddddd. But I'm always looking forward to new Miranda.
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  12. I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT FOR THIS! After being a little let down from Kacey, I'm so excited to hear this. Loved Wildcard and The Marfa Tapes and the couple other tracks she's dropped as well. Excited to hear the studio versions of Waxahachie, In His Arms and Geraldene. Now, just make a tour stop other than Toronto for Canada and I am going to be a happy camper.
  13. Nothing will beat The Weight of These Wings' cover but this is cute.
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  14. The cover fff.
  15. The artwork is truly “meh” but my god I haven’t been able to stop playing Strange since it debuted.

    If I Was a Cowboy has grown immensely on me too (though it’s just as much of a weak lead single as It All Comes Out In the Wash was).

    Very excited for this album. Wildcard was a very strong record so I have high hopes. Had tickets to see her in Melbourne literally like a week before the entire world went in to lockdown so I hope she comes down under for this albums tour at some stage! I’d love to see her live.
  16. New song, Actin’ Up out April 7th — the same day that tickets for the Velvet Rodeo residency go on sale!

    Clip of Actin’ Up - those who seen Miranda at Country 2 Country will have already heard it in full.

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