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Miranda Lambert - Palomino

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Her duet with Elle King is #1 on country radio this week!

  2. Jesus Christ, that song came out so long ago…. (14 months apparently)
    Happy for them though, it’s fucking ridiculous this is the second number 1 for a pair of female singers on the country chart in my life time….
    The song is great but my god I haven’t played in what feels like a year.
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  3. Looks like we'll be getting Geraldene this week before the full album next week.

  4. Baffles me why they couldn’t manage to make this a gatefold…. But whatever I guess, I’m just happy to finally be getting it!
  5. Carousel is the one.
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  6. Geraldene ok sis go off
  7. YES! What an album. Exactly what I needed to start the summer off with! Love the album version of Waxahachie, such a different vibe. But, In His Arms from The Marfa Tapes feels like a continued version of Pistol Annies Boys From The South and although the album version is great, I prefer The Marfa Tapes version. Such a great album to listen to with a joint and a beer or glass of rose.
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  8. She is just so so good.

    The humour in the lyrics and the storytelling are all on point. Carousel is such a great little tearjerker.
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  9. Music City Queen. I’m obsessed.
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  10. Early impression is that I like this a lot, and maybe more than Wildcard?

    What Makes the Jukebox Play, Tourist, Strange, and Waxahachie are my early standouts. I think there’s a nice mix here of playful Miranda and the outlaw country she likes to lean into.
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  11. I'd never actually listened to any of her albums (I should probably fix that), but this is fantastic. Really impressive to have a fifteen song album where every single song stands up on its own and nothing feels like filler.
  12. aux


    I really liked The Marfa Tapes’ version of “Waxahachie” but I am in love with the Palomino version. It’s probably one of my favourite songs of the year. It’s got such an evocative melody.
  13. This has really grown on me since my first listen but I’m not sure it quite has the highs of Wildcard for me.

    Carousel is so pretty though!
  14. I actually liked Wildcard just fine but it did feel a bit like covered ground so I've been dragging my feet with listening to this one. I'm actually really digging it so far? I don't know that she'll ever reach the run of Revolution through Weight of These Wings again but this feels a lot closer to that creative peak than its predecessor.
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  15. Wow, this actually grew on me immensely. I played it casually for my first listen but took a more dedicated AirPods spin on my recent flight. The production is richer and more atmospheric this time around, at times even 90s Sheryl Crow-esque. The ballads are all stunners! That's What Makes The Jukebox Play, In His Arms, Carousel, and I'd even count Waxahachie in there too. At 15 tracks, a few kinda come and go but it's one of her strongest sets.
  16. I don't know why it always takes me a week or two to spin her albums after release, but Tourist came up on my Release Radar last night and I absolutely love it. Might finally get around to the album today ddd.
  17. Be prepared to be scalped diving into her discography. Next stop: The Weight of These Wings.

    This time not 15 tracks, but 24. However it still applies that every single song stands up on it's own and nothing feels like killer (for context: it is her post-Blake Shelton breakup album).
  18. Can we do an album ranking?

    The Weight of These Wings
    Four The Record
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    then of course the Pistol Annies records + The Marfa Tapes
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