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Miranda Lambert - The Weight of These Wings

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. This deserves all the awards it gets. After 6 months I still cannot make a fave cut down album, because every track adds something to the total experience. 24 tracks and no filler. I honestly do not know where to place among other fave albums of mine yet, but it definitely is the best country album this decade. And I feel like it could be top 3 overall for this decade (alongside Lana Del Rey's Born To Die and Gary Clark Jr's Blak and Blu).
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  2. I'm so glad 'Tin Man' is getting all the attention it deserves. It so sparse and achingly beautiful, it really just grows with every listen. The emotion in her voice when she sings "you can take mine if you want it, it's in pieces now" destroys me.
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  3. On a (slightly) different note, I hope we'll be getting a new album from Pistol Annies in 2018. Ashley Monroe is having a baby soon-ish, and Miranda will be on tour for quite some time, but after that perhaps? Their first two albums were brilliant.

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  4. Maybe Kelly Clarkson fills in the gap.
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  5. Pistol Annies were BOPS ONLY:
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  6. That's it, I'm finally diving into the Pistol Annie's today. Thanks for the suggestions, y'all.
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  7. AXW


    Just came in to say that Automatic is amazing and has not aged one bit. Done.
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  8. Why is the first disc still pretty much 10/10 incredible

    The second disc is a cute girl
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  9. Runnin Just In Case is the best song ever written.
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  10. I really want an electronic moody pop cover from someone like Robyn. IMAGINE.
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  11. Tin Man isn't taking off on radio. No surprise, but it was worth a try.

    They should really push Good Ol' Days. Not the best the album has, but it's the best shot at a hit single.
  12. I'm afraid radio is done with her, sexism at its best.
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  13. Just stopped in to say that I recently got a car and this is glorious country-road-driving listening. Runnin' Just in Case especially. I'll probably buy a physical copy now just to have it handy to pop in the CD player.
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  14. Tin Man is one of the most haunting songs I've ever heard. There, I said it.
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  15. Tomboy would be an intriguing if not safe single choice. Reasons why I love the song and want it to happen below:
    • A chorus of "move along boy, she's a tomboy" is actually a little subversive on today's bro-country infested radio environment where girls are often treated like objects.
    • More than a few people can relate to being a kid that didn't grow up to be exactly what their parents hoped for--this song makes it sound so exciting and romantic ("daddy tried to raise a southern belle, well, he got a tomboy," "she'll destroy all your dreams and ride out like a rodeo queen"). I wish there more songs that made being a disappointment sound so sexy.
    • "She wears her scars outside her sleeves...some people don't get her but that's okay" is such an eloquent and succinct way of describing someone that doesn't feel the need to fit into a mold and sand off their edges to be liked.
    • It's got some of my favorite lines on the whole album: "She's got her own constellation in the zodiac, well who can say that?", "band of brothers that got her back" and I love the way the opening "Tomboy, hail mary" rolls off her tongue.
    But yeah it'd probably flop. Good Ol Days, Use My Heart and For The Birds, could also work. Really, the supply of obvious singles was exhausted with the release of We Should Be Friends so it's hard.
  16. I really thought Keeper of the Flame would have smashed as the second single.

    I also just want to add that I fucking love her vocals on Well-Rested.
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  17. It sounds absolutely massive, doesn't it? I'm surprised they haven't tried to push it yet.
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  18. Totally, I thought it was the most obvious after Vice! We still have time, I suppose.
  19. Bumping this thread just to say I'm so excited about her UK concerts and it's all I'm thinking about at the moment. I even updated my pic to a more summery Miranda

    Could be my only chance to see one of my favourite artists of all time.
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  20. My ticket for her show in London arrived a couple of weeks ago. So excited.
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