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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by DizzyDJC, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Are reforming, apparently!?

    Any truth to this?
  2. MIS-TEEQ will be back in the charts quicker than a One Night Stand if Alesha Dixon gets her way.

    The BGT queen has been secretly hatching a comeback plan in her hot tub along with ex-band mates Su-Elise and Sabrina.

    The cackle queen told me: “We had a Mis-Teeq reunion last week in my hot tub. Su-Elise lives in Australia now but she was back for a week.

    “I’m trying to convince them to do another record. Loads of other groups are getting back together, so why shouldn’t we?”

    Scandalous not to … BOOM, BOOM!


    TLC, Destiny's Child, Mutya Keisha Siobhan, Girls Aloud and now Mis-Teeq! Please be true!
  3. It says on wikipedia (cue why i'm taking this with a pinch of salt) that Alesha was on daybreak saying they are touring next year with Professor Green and that a new single is due later in the year.

    Any truth in this?
  4. brave2012

    brave2012 Guest

    How many girlband reunions is too much?

    tbh I would rather have Atomic Kitten reform than Mis-Teeq

    Who actually remembers a single song of theirs besides Scandalous?
  5. I hope it's true. I quite like them now, and didn't appreciate them at the time.

    One Night Stand
  6. Mis-Teeq were alright! The two singles immediately spring to mind (Scandalous and One Night Stand) but I remember hearing the album at the time and thinking it wasn't too bad.
  7. Atomic Kitten are vile and brought nothing to the table. Just plain inoffensive generic pop. Don't compare these awful lot to the amazing Mis-Teeq!

    I knew we were close to a Mis-Teeq reunion when Alesha started to rap again on her last album! Let this be true! Her rap part in Be With Me... One of the most amazing moment in pop history!

  8. One Night Stand, Can't Get It Back and All I Want were all excellent singles. And I remember quite a few Atomic Kitten tracks, but none of them fondly.
  9. brave2012

    brave2012 Guest

    No they were not and yes they did.
  10. M M M Mis-Teeq
    We're Coming back again
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  11. I loved Mis-Teeq,but I could never find the proper radio mix of 'Roll On'.

    I used to blast 'Can't Get It Back' off this Homer Simpson radio set in a crappy caravan park in Berwick because there was nothing else to do.
  12. I hope this turns out to be true. Weren't there rumours some time last year about Alesha being against a reunion?

    Can not wait to see Su-Elise's future contributions to the group.
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  13. Mis-Teeq were AMAZING

    Gorgeous, talented, original, they didn't try and be American, and they had secret weapon Alesha, Alesha

    If their useless label hadn't gone bankrupt they would have taken America as well
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  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Will Zena be there?
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  15. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Hah! Imagine. That would be even more ridiculous than that thankfully-jettisoned Atomic Kitten With Keri reunion.

    As for Mis-Teeq... I liked them, but I can't really see 'it' happening for them.
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  16. The Rishi Rich version? Isn't it the same as the one on the special edition of Lickin' On Both Sides?
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    I think he might mean the Roll On/This Is How We Do it video edit.
  18. Oh.

    Speaking of video edit, I love the Jazzwad remix of Scandalous!
  19. 'Can't Get It Back' was always my favourite Mis-Teeq song! The courtroom video was amazing.
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  20. I love the video too!

    And the Ignorants Mix is so much better than the album version which was too similar to the Blaque version!
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