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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by DizzyDJC, Aug 27, 2012.

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    What's her old stuff?
  2. She released a couple of more “serious” songs “Gone” and “My Life” which did literally nothing.

    Prior to that we had “OMG” (meh) and “Hit It Hard” (amazing) but neither of them did anything either.
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  3. @Mvnl Yes I was referring to OMG, Make It Hot and Hit It Hard which were songs she released when she first went solo. All were amazing and could’ve done better with label support IMO.

    Then a couple months ago she released Gone and My Life which were fine but very middle of the road. This new song though? That I could see having legs. Of course I expect nothing, but I’d love for it to become a surprise hit.
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  4. If I remember well, when she released "OMG", she was supported by Universal Music France.
  5. This would smash if it were a Mabel song
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  6. Does anyone remember when she first reappeared as a solo artist under the name 'Puma Washington'? She had a song called 'Pocket Rocket' but I can't seem to find it now.
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  9. How depressing. She’s probably been advised to launch this now while Alesha is getting loads of flack from the press in the hopes of a quick settlement.
  10. This is really sad.
  11. Poor Su-Elise. Can’t even get sued these days.

  12. This doesn't look like Alesha's wrong doing though? Take it with whoever drew up the contracts sis.
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  13. Alesha pretty much solely wrote her own verses (especially for their first two singles), whilst the rest of the song was usually written by people outside the group. It's a no-brainer Alesha would get a bigger percentage, no matter how slight.
  14. If Sabrina gets parity for not actually writing on the song, why wouldn't Su-Elise?

    Also, shame it's Sabrina taking Alesha to court. I could just see the headlines: SUE-Elise
  15. Sabrina and Alesha's contracts could be from before Su-Elise joined. Maybe Tina from S Club wants 1/3 of Alesha's royalties seeing as she potentially had pay parity too ddd.
  16. Su-Elise Nash
    Divide & Conquer - How I became the lead singer of the group that you call Mis-Teeq

    Out soon
  17. Thanks for linking that @Robert. I loved it and it echos a lot of my feelings. It's really frustrated me how the UK music industry continues to profit off of appropriating black women's sound/aesthetics. I took it for granted in the early 00s when there was much better visibility and representation... a damn shame!
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  18. You could do an entire series of articles on how poorly the UK treats it’s black talent. I also like that they highlighted that Estelle has to come to the US to even be taken seriously in the UK. This is why I wished Mis-Teeq had stayed here when Scandalous was a hit. I strongly believe had they promoted One Night Stand and carried on that they would’ve remained successful here. Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis are other great examples. It’s insane to look at that level of talent and to just give up on it, but the UK is so quick to do that with their black talent.

    A lack of a big deal to reunite Eternal and Mis-Teeq is also something that I feel wouldn’t be the case if both were white groups with the same level of success. Like the article mentions, if Mis-Teeq were a white band in the midst of a successful US launch, there is no way another label wouldn’t have scooped them up.
  19. Love this article, thanks for sharing! Looking back now, it really was amazing that we had this hugely successful all-black girl group, with arguably their lead being a dark-skinned black girl. It's so sad that there hasn't been a girl group reaching this level of success since then (and agree with the writer of that article, The 411 and Stooshe were just not given a chance). I've however always said that the UK music industry has generally failed it's black artists (particularly black female artists and groups).

    I always forget that the reason Mis-Teeq ended was literally because they couldn't get signed once their label went under. It's actually crazy to think that after 2 platinum albums and a string of top 10 singles they couldn't get signed. I mean, they were literally on the cusp of breaking the US...
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