Misha Bryan

...Because she's better than your faves.


Also, the lyrics to her 'Rolling the Deep' rap:
Why hello world, I be Misha
5ft 1, newly found creature
Queen of my regiment, cruising my element
Roar like a beast but I does this (she says it's elegant but I don't hear it?)
W-w-w-wait what they expecting
Head scratching when I stepped in
UK to the world stand up
Now all my queens if you with me
Put your right hands up
1. She looks like a madwoman hobo in the above pic. Oh girl.

2. Inserting a rap into any and every song does not
a. Make you an edgy, daring contestant
b. Make your rendition of the song outstanding

3. We've already got Estelle, and H-Boogie, we don't need a cheap knock-off version who can't sing OR rap as good.
She really is too good for the show and is ready now for a career. The haters need to hate she does wipe the floor with the very poor acts we have this year.
I hope she can get to the final but Kelly needs to give her some huge ballads to win over the old, blue rinse set that likes that type of thing.
She's really growing on me!

She was always the best girl, and now with Amelia gone, the only good one left.

I loved for the styling for her this week, and she made that song listenable!
She is my favourite by far! Really hope she wins! Had to download her 'Rolling in the Deep from Itunes it was so good! I need her album now!
Mischa is the only contestant from the final 16 who truly has the "X-Factor", being able to sing well is not the X-Factor, the charts are full of half-decent singers. Its stage presence and attitude as well as decent vocals (the first two are actually more important than the vocals to a degree) and the only other one who came even slightly close on that count was poor Amelia who was, in my opinion, the victim of Kelly's bad decision, she had far more potential than either Janet or Sophie (I preferred Sophie to Janet).

If you want an example of an existing act with the X-Factor - look no further than Lady Gaga who has everything I mentioned earlier. This is the kind of talent and personal charisma the judges should be looking for - and exactly the kind of act that usually doesn't win. If Mischa continues to perform as well as she did on the first show then she will be the obvious winner, which naturally means she has no chance, they will fiddle it somehow like they did last year with Cher Lloyd to make sure the act of their choice wins, people didn't start calling it "the fix factor" for nothing.

Rant over.
I can understand her not being everyone's cup of tea - but disliking her and thinking she should have gone in week one?? Seriously, Matt Cardle!?
RhythmNative said:
I can understand her not being everyone's cup of tea - but disliking her and thinking she should have gone in week one?? Seriously, Matt Cardle!?

Matt "Son of Steve Brookstein" Cardle is a douche who I hope flops big time. He was just rude on Xtra factor not sure why he did not want to mention any other act or performance yet he felt Misha should have gone. He is bitter because Mishas performance was first class and he was as dull and lifeless as a corpse on Sunday.
The X Factor is so annoying when it comes to acts like Misha.

She's the exact kind of act the show should be championing, yet everyone seems content to crown yet another dull male winner (Matt Cardle, possibly Craig whatshisface) just because they can stand on the spot and sing another Adele song. WE DO NOT WANT THAT. Acts like Misha, Cher LLoyd, Alexandra, i.e. people who can do more than just stand there and sing, whether it be rap or dance should be what The X Factor is looking for.

But then again, if Misha won, she'd be on Syco and well, thats not a good thing for any artist. I just wish people at home would celebrate the current talent thats on offer rather than being boring and voting for cardboard cut out singers.


The best thing that could happen to Misha is win second place and get co-signed by Syco and Epic. Janet can win The X Factor if she wants.
I think if Matt flops and I think he will a girl will win for sure. The only issue if Misha wins is indeed what will Syco do with her. They are determined to make acts with a little edge into pop acts and not take chances. I hope Misha gets a joint deal or even interest from a US label if she wins. Janet wont win, by Week 5 people will want to strangle her due to her weak drippy voice.