Misha Bryan

Her F64 was amazing!

Well done Misha B, can't wait to hear more from her. I hope we get her doing what she wants rather than toning it down.
Her F64 was amazing!! Wish I could do something like that..

Anyways, does anyone find her tweets a bit annoying? It's useful when she posts things such as the f64 or covers but the other tweets are a bit irritating.
From the SB.TV website:

An F64 is a fresh sixty-four bars of no-frills grime. It’s just the MCs and their bars. There’s nowhere to hide on an F64. The series celebrates grimes diversity of underground and mainstream talent, providing MCs of varying ability and stature with a competitive platform.


swinginglondontown said:
mump boy said:
What's an F64 when it's at home ?!!

No idea. I assume it's not the same as a C-6 and we're going to start that tiresome "Who is a better singer" conversation AGAIN!!
Who the fuck puts a hyphen in there!?!
But if that were the case wouldn't she be locked out from doing anything until after the tour? Unless it's a Jedward situation where Syco specifically let her go somewhere else.
I think it's similar to JLS' situation when they signed with Epic Records instead of Syco, and ended up being very successful.
Aime said:
Hate to say it, but this EP thing sounds a bit too DIY for a major label artist.

I know for a fact there are majors after her - last I heard they were still waiting to see if Sony is going to take up their option on her.

I'd say this is more her keeping her profile and momentum up whilst this happens, and attempt at harbouring some real urban cred ahead of a proper launch. Which is very astute of her....
She was in Dublin last night, my newsfeed is full of it on Facebook...went down a storm by all accounts!
Misha looks great I think I will pick up a copy.
I hope the rumours are not true that Cheryl Cole wants to work with her.