Misheard Lyrics

I''m so crap at getting lyrics for aaages. Examples:

Alanis Morissette, ''You Oughta Know'' - words: ''it''s not fair to deny me of the cross I bear, that you gave to me''
I thought (for 10 years) it was; ''it''s not fair to deny me of the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me'', thinking she wanted back a soft toy from her loathesome lover.

Worse still; Berlin''s ''Take My Breath Away'', ''through the hourglass I saw you, in time you slip away...''
I thought it was; ''Julio Iglesias saw you in time to slip away..''

Shania, ''That Don''t Impress Me Much''; ''I''ve never know a guy to kiss his car goodnight.''
I heard; ''I''ve never known a guy to kiss his carving knife.''

Ultra Nate, ''Free''; ''my brother is in need...''
I heard; ''my brother is in me'' (eww!)

Gala, ''Freed from Desire''; ''my lover''s got no money, he''s got his strong beliefs.''
I heard; ''my lover''s got no money, he''s got his trampoline.''

Two for Abba:
Dancing Queen - ''children dance, children die, having the time of your life.''
Summer Night City - ''it''s a dream it''s out of reach, scattered grapefruit on the beach...''

Starship; ''we built this city on the wrong damn road...''

411, don''t know the name of the song but it went something like; ''get down upon my knees and apologise to you, ''cos that ain''t my style.''
It sounded like she sang; ''...apologise to you, smelly mustard.''

I suck, I know. What''re yours?
hudweiser said:
Shania, ''''That Don''''t Impress Me Much''''; ''''I''''ve never know a guy to kiss his car goodnight.''''
I heard; ''''I''''ve never known a guy to kiss his carving knife.''''

I heard that as, "kiss his cock at night". Listen to it with that in mind. It will change it forever!


In all honesty, this isn''t really misheard, but in Beyonce''s Deja Vu, the sreamy bit before the last chorus is:

"Baby I can''t go anywhere
Without thinking that you''re there
Seems like you''re everywhere, it''s true
Gotta be having Deja Vu"

What it really means is:

"Baby I can''t go anywhere,
And I like to shake my hair
Baby just look at at my wiggly boobs,
Bla-bla-bla-bla-blah DEJA VU!"
When I was 7 I misheard the chorus of Enya''s "Orinnoco Flow" as "Stay awake, stay awake, stay awake" as opposed to "Sail away".

Cue much embarrassment the next day in school when I reveal my lack of hearing ability during an impromptu class singalong.
In Irene Cara''s "What a feeling" I always thought she sang: ''Take your pants off and make it happen'' instead of the real ''Take your passion, and make it happen''. Or I just wanted her to sing that :P
My bf was convinced Jessica Simpson sang...

"All the camels coming out for a public affair".

When it is in fact...

"All the cameras coming out for a public affair".
Not really a misheard lyric, but somehow I always think that the Depeche Mode song "John the Relevator" is actually called "Join the Elevator".
My boyfriend thinks that Fall Out Boy are singing ''This ain''t a city it''s a god damn arse-face...'' - which is DOES sound like.

Also, cannot work out what Nelly Furtado is singing in the chorus of ''Say It Right''...''you don''t know le lo le lo over me...'' ??????
hudweiser said:
My boyfriend thinks that Fall Out Boy are singing ''''This ain''''t a city it''''s a god damn arse-face...'''' - which is DOES sound like.

Also, cannot work out what Nelly Furtado is singing in the chorus of ''''Say It Right''''...''''you don''''t know le lo le lo over me...'''' ??????

I first thought the Fall Out Boy one was ''the sea the sea, something something''

The Nelly one is supposed to be ''you don''t mean nothing at all to me'' but I think I prefer your version.
"Naughty Girl" by Beyonce just was on TV and I always understand

Lately, a telephone coming over me
Instead of "I feel the funk"
Sugababe''s ''Red Dress'' has had me thinking that the lyrics were insane. ''Unplug the phone and get you into Dirty Den''s''...''Cause what you see are maggots'' ...''If that''s what I gotta do just to bone ya'' etc; etc;
In Duran Duran''s Notorious, I always thought that when Simon Le Bon sings, Make your seedy judgements, I thought that he said, Make your seat adjustments!
The first line of second verse in Crazy In Love sounds like "when i talk to my friend Jo Whiley".

And in Michelle Gayle''s Happy Just To Be With You in the second verse it sounds liek she says "put your tits away" but really the line is "your picture takes away my lonely frown".
Oasis - ''Wonderwall''

A friend of mine heard:

"backbeat, the word is on the street there''s a fire in your aunty''s house"

The Shamen - ''L.S.I.''

"Love, sex ''n teletext"
Of course, there''''''''''''''''s the infamous, "Fill me up with hoes" in Incomplete by the Backstreet Boys.

Edit: I just noticed! It''s Groove Armanda not Groove Amanda! I''''ve have been listening to them for forever!
I always thought Kimberley sang "Cause he loves the Models on the hubs. The Models goes to crutch.

I thought Girls Aloud were singing something about cars with girls all over them.
It took me a while to realise she was singing Hugs not Hubs. And "Models goes to lunch"
For many years I thought that Madonna''s Vogue was "Look around everywhere you turn it''s holic" - I mean, Holic isnt even a word (Thought it was meant in the vein of shopahlic).