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Misleading Singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AshtrayHeart, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. I love the 'so ridiculously camp' 'Kiss the bride' though!
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  2. "Yep!"
  3. The video mix is the We Dont Give A Damn mix which was on the CD single.
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  4. Must admit ive given Too Low For Zero, Ice on Fire and Leather Jackets a spin this week and enjoyed all 3..
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  5. The one that springs to mind for me is the Kaiser Chiefs second. Ruby is a blast, the rest of the album so bland i cant even remember its name!
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  6. Too Low is a classic. I think it has 7 hit singles, globally. From 10 songs.

    Ice On Fire's a real mixed bag. Half great and half not great.

    Leather Jackets isn't as bad as its reputation, sleeve or sales suggest but I hardly ever play it.
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  7. Years ago I bought Amerie's Touch album on the strength of the first two singles. I didn't expect a largely mid- and down-tempo affair of an album.
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  8. 'Nikita' was clever in that it could have been (probably was?) a song about a Russian man, rather than a woman. Well, if he wrote the lyrics, which I guess he didn't.
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  9. The only Elton song, sung by him (I don't mind them when sung by other artists), I vaguely like, apart from 'The Last Song', is 'Too Low For Zero'. It received a lot of airplay here, when I was 5, though flopped on the singles chart. I thought for years though that it was 'Toula For Vera'.
  10. I remember Sarah Brightman's album Symphony sort of being announced as a gothic rock album with Fleurs Du Mal as a teaser/promo single. While Fleurs Du Mal could indeed be described as gothic rock, the rest of the album is mostly typical SB ballads. (It's still a good album though.)
  11. The Todd Terry remix of Missing by Everythign But The Girl vs. rest of Amplified Heart.

    I remember when I first bought it expecting some basic bangers and then realising I also like acoustic music.
  12. I didn’t buy Missy’s Miss E... So Addictive until after “One Minute Man” was released and was DEVASTATED to find out that both versions on the album did not feature Trina (who made the song).

    I’m sure I’ll remember others in a bit.

    I’d argue “In My Arms” or “Like A Drug” would’ve been great choices.

    I also wouldn’t have let her cover “2 Hearts” and instead would’ve had her release the actually written for her “Lose

    Highly disagree as it’s one of their best albums but “Venus” does stick out like a sore thumb.

    First time I truly felt betrayed by a single as an adult. I’ve never recovered.
    “Crazy Cool” is a gem though.
    What version did you get? If I recall correctly there was only one maxi released in the U.K.
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  13. He Wasn’t Man Enough sounds completely out of place on The Heat.
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  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I could add to this:

    Jennifer Lopez - On the 6. All of the non-singles are just drippy mid-tempos and ballads and her voice does not suit them
    Alesha Dixon - The Alesha Show - While it's a decent album, it's also borderline elevator music at some points
    Charlotte Church - Tissues and Issues - While Crazy Chick and Call My Name were great pop singles, the rest of the album is a midtempo affair other than Let's Be Alone. Moodswings is still the best mid-tempo on the album. Easy to Forget is a lovely song too and Casualty of Love is decent. It's just a shame the first two singles were such cockteases.
  15. Vanessa Williams - Next. While I like the album now, I wasn't expecting it to be so ballad-heavy after hearing the funky Happiness and its clever Nu Shooz sample, and gave up on it pretty quickly at the time.
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  16. Javine - Surrender. After getting the absolute bops Real Things, Surrender and Best of My Love I bought the album, the rest were just wishy-washy, forgettable R&B tracks.

    Geri Halliwell - Passion. Okay nobody kill me please but after 11 year old me heard Ride It I was fully expecting a full on disco, Love Never Loved Me is the only track that I found was on Ride It's level.
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  17. Not sure anyone will know or care, but A'me Lorain's Paula-reject banger Whole Wide World was nothing like the rest of the atrociously-titled album Starring In...Standing in a Monkey Sea (apart from the other Elliot "Straight Up" Wolff produced track Follow My Heartbeat).

    The other 10 tracks are....just....weird.

    If only it had been more of this:

    And this:

  18. This happened to me with Ashanti and Concrete Rose. I was pleasantly surprised by the album, but I can't say that I wasn't disappointed that the album didn't have one or two more "Only U"-esque bangers.

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  19. Yes! I still have the album. Played it... twice. Been collecting dust since then.
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  20. What the fuck kind of album title is that?!?!
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