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Misleading Singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AshtrayHeart, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. You're right. It's more like 5th or 6th single material, after some serious beefing up with a remix that never happened.

    She looks good in the video though.
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  2. I could not disagree with this more. "Put Yourself In My Place" remains her best ballad—"Finer Feelings" is a close second.

    I wasn't alive when either song initially came out though, so I have no idea how fans reacted to the release of those singles.
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  3. Yes, yes, yes. I mean, I'd go further and say those two are her best songs, full stop, but yes.

    I mean, I loved Put Yourself in My Place at the time, but not quite as much as Confide in Me. I was a tween though, so probably not representative of other fans. I was definitely one of the people who loved all three singles, and was then very disappointed in the album. It has grown on me since then though.
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  4. The singles were definitely the most commercial options, in my opinion. I really enjoy KM94 for most part—besides the dated mess that is "Time Will Pass You By," which I absolutely loathe.
  5. ...even tho I’m not scared wasn’t exactly the lead single but the 4th...
  6. I remember just before it was announced as a single starting to have 'Put yourself' stuck in my head so it was a no brainer getting a release. It would have done better had it had b sides though as the remixes were underwhelming. One of her best single covers though.
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  7. 'Put Yourself...' was Kylie's first single (ever!) to get heavy rotation on FM radio in Melbourne. That's how bland it was.

    I don't hate 'Place'. I just think it was a massive let-down after 'Confide'. When I first heard 'Confide', although I knew Kylie had a new single out with that name, it took like 30 seconds to a minute for it to click that it was actually her on the radio. It was so unlike anything she had done before ('Finer Feelings' single version aside, I guess). I felt the same way about the video.
  8. So I revisited the album after reading a couple of comments. I adore the album now, but didn’t back then. I understand why the album qualifies as a disappointment for some after the brilliance of Confide. It was definitely too dull for my then pop-only taste.
    But I came round years later, taste broadened, mind expanded. It’s a great down tempo album, with 90s r’n’b hues and grey cool tones. The album could definitely use a couple more Confide-level songs, but it isn’t bad. Especially if you consider that it’s technically home to the epic 13 minute remix of Where Is The Feeling - a remix that her team has rarely topped since.
  9. ^ Yes, 'Where Is the Feeling' was the only other track that really stood out for me.
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  10. I’ve always struggled with KM94, I’ve come around to it over the past year, the Sainsbury’s vinyl release helped with that.
    I will say Put Yourself In My Place is gorgeous.
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