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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. You forgot the amazing Love Again... even though it was a CF song before they debuted ha.

    I love Miss A. Definitely the best group from 2010. They're really great all rounders. Suzy's my favourite member, she's so gorgeous. Her voice will be incredible once she ages. It's so pure and clear. I do really like them all though, but Jia should stop dying her hair, or just get a weave.
  2. So I did! I think that song is brilliant too.

    Well, there was a small question about them not having a thread earlier and I think they deserve one so here it is!

    Love Alone is my favourite miss A song without a doubt but in all honesty I love them all, I think A Class was a very strong debut album.
  3. I lost a lot of my standom with how shitting boring Goodbye Baby was, and their album was just a rehash of the previous two (amazing) minis/single albums.
  4. Maleström

    Maleström Guest

    So what do you think it might be about about miss A that makes even a complete K-pop n00b like myself sit up and take notice of songs like Breathe and Bad Girl Good Girl? Granted, I've found quite a few extremely effective pop hits by many other bands as well, but most of them seem almost interchangeable with most other artists... Do miss A have different producers / songwriters from all others or something?
  5. Well no actually, both those songs (in fact all their songs?) are produced by JY Park aka JYP aka the founder of JYP Entertainment, he produces the music for all the labels artists I believe, like the Wonder Girls for example... As for writers I have no idea, I would check the album credits but I don't own a physical copy! I would guess that JYP has a big part in that too though.

    They certainly do have something about them. This article from January talks about them being up in the top 4 Korean girl groups beside Girls Generation and 2NE1 which is great!
  6. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I feel kinda bad because I only care about the Chinese members, Fei and Jia, and never ever cared for the Korean members.
  7. Jia and Fei are much much better in every aspect than those two Korean members. Min is great on variety show but that's it.
  8. Not really. Min's as good a dancer as Jia and is as good a singer as Fei. She wasn't asked to be on Immortal Song 2 for nothing!

    Suzy's the weakest dancer by far, but that's understandable seeing as the other 3 are really great dancers. She has the most powerful voice out of the four as well, she just needs to work on her consistency.
  9. Min is a good dancer (which is surprising with her weak physical condition) but standing next to Jia and Fei she's always outshined by them. Suzy is so bland that she's bloody transparent. She's a kind of idol I really dislike, those without any remotely interesting features or personality. They have this manufactured "mass-appeal" They are most popular ones in a group because you can plaster their faces on anything from ramen to soju and it will sell shitloads because they are so painfully inoffensive.
  10. I love all the girls but Jia is my favourite member, I think she has quite a distinctive look (not just for her ever changing hair colour), I like her raps... and I find the freckles on her nose really cute.
  11. I love Min mainly because she's HyoYeon's BFF and a wicked dancer imo, and contrary to Hyoyeon, she can actually hold a note. Miss A are definitely the most all-rounder group.
  12. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    Min's the best.. funniest, best dancer, solid vocalist.

    All good
  13. Happy Birthday Suzy!
    I still find it so weird that we'd be in the same school year if she lived in the UK.
  14. Thanks for the titrubbing gif!
  15. What the eff.
  16. Oh wow, a Singaporean Miss A stan bought her this $2000 cake and sent it to her. It looks like a wedding cake!
  17. I've been listening to their album this week and I'm falling in love with them as a group. Help Me and Blankly are AMAZING.
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