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Missing Persons

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by filmnoirish, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. MTV-era L.A new wave at its finest, with the iconic Dale Bozzio as the pink-haired space-age barbie....
    Words, Mental Hopscotch, Destination Unknown, Walking in L.A.....such amazing songs....In fact that whole Spring Session M album (their debut) is quite amazing.....

    Anyone else a fan?
  2. It's OK in an 80's way. I keep thinking of Mylo though. 'Missing persons, Duran Duran, Missing persons, Duran Duran'
  3. jsd


    Love love love them. Yes, Spring Session M is an absolute corker and still sounds great today. Unfortunately their later albums do not stand up as well. The thing that was amazing to me is how the musicians in the band were all such monstrous technical talents, yet they turned their abilities to "plain old pop music." You can hear it though... Terry Bozzio's drumming is miles ahead of most pop music. Trivia: most of the Missing Persons were in Frank Zappa's band before forming MP.
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