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Missy Elliott - Iconology

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Okay but bop


  2. YASSS
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  3. This EP getting more videos and spanning several more months than most girls' album campaigns is iconic.
  4. There's truly nobody doing it like her.
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  5. Ugh, so fun! There's a space only Missy can fill. I hope she keeps doing it forever.
  6. No one else has the range.
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  7. I still don't love this song, but I can't not smile ear-to-ear watching Missy continue to have so much fun with all this. It's been an incredibly satisfying victory lap and I hope she has more to come.
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  8. I mean, I love the spirit, but, man, Missy video budgets sure aren't what they used to be.
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  9. I love her commitment to this excellent EP. I just hope there isn't another lengthy break afterwards.
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  10. I guess she didn’t make a single cent with this EP so it’s not surprising. But it’s still so great to see what she does with a couple thousand bucks.

    She is just so endlessly charming. I love love love her.

  11. Anyone else watched this and though Ciara would appear like she's on her videos, looking fab smashing some moves and then the camera shows her and she's just shimmying in a jacket.
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  12. I still love the videos way more than the songs so far. I thought the EP was just a teaser and she had a bigger album already ready to go?
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  13. She was booked to do a couple of festivals this summer which I always presumed was to tie in with a new era launch and get the hype going, but obviously that's not happening now so I've no idea whether they'll just continue regardless. I hope so.
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  14. These videos were all filmed ages ago, last summer. Also important to remember the overall cost of all of this. Most album campaigns aren’t giving you this much these days unless you’re Taylor Swift – this is all for an EP, with a full length project (and likely more videos) to follow.
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  15. She sure does more with a small budget than most will do with ten times as much.... But it does make me want to see what she could be doing to the world in 2020 with big money.
  16. “Throw it Back” definitely was that big budget Missy fantasy. I feel like maybe people forget or are unaware that her videos have always had that kind of practical DIY element to them, but that’s largely what made it all so cool (and more expensive, since nobody uses practical effects anymore)
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  17. Imagine what she could do on stage with Vegas residency money. She’s at that point in her career plus it seems she’s not into travelling much with touring.
  18. She hinted at a Vegas residency, said it was in talks. Obviously that’s going to be put on hold for the foreseeable future, but a proper Missy stage show is needed.
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