Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We

It’s a double release!
“Star” and “Heaven”. Heaven is so incredibly lush with all the instrumentation, I LOVE it.
But the tweens. Oh God, the tweens. Screaming over a silent Queens Hall asking for 'Nobody' and throwing shit at Mitski on the stage...

*war flashbacks to people in an otherwise silent crowd screaming "MOTHER!" from the top of their lungs at Caroline Polachek as she performed (the then-unreleased) Hopedrunk Everasking*

Just catching up on all three songs and they're all great, but Heaven in particular is so dreamy.
I was able to attend one of the early listening events, and this album is going to be special. I think it’s her fullest album yet in terms of sound, lots of orchestra in the vein of “Heaven”. A lot of Americana/country influence as well, with steel guitar, etc. Loved it! Trying to remember in order, but The Deal, My Love Mine All Mine, and The Frost were probably my favorite of the new songs. Heaven is still as lush as ever. I’m Your Man is INTENSE. Excited to listen and relisten come next week!
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I had a sneak first listen to the album through VPN and it's just brilliant... I don't know how she does it. She makes it look easy. The album has this warm campfire glow to it that's perfect for fall. My Love Mine All Mine is my favorite song, so I was thrilled to see we're getting a video for it.
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Yeah, I went to one of the listening parties for this yesterday and while it's difficult to judge on one listen in a record store (especially when the shop below is also blasting its own music and the other people in the room are being... Mitski fans), we're in for a treat.
After I got into the Spotify early listening event, I purposefully selected the late showing (10 PM) to avoid as many 100 decibel screeches as possible. I fear for this upcoming acoustic tour…
I almost forgot it was coming out today and then screamed when I saw it on my timeline. Just had my first listen.

To be honest, my first reaction is that it sounds like a natural follow-up to Be The Cowboy, stripping away the more pop elements that were explored on "Laurel Hell" and going for a more country-stripped take (with the occasional "jump-scare" she mentioned before). I can imagine everyone who felt a little "meh" about the last one being a more standard pop affair will end up enjoying this way more, but deep down i'm not sure how I feel; there's no song I really LOVE and, while nothing got me feeling like "Ok I want to skip this one", nothing also grabbed enough to go "Oh I'll keep this on repeat" apart from... Bug Like An Angel.

I wanted to point out how much I enjoyed the sound of her voice after some choices from Laurel Hell and then "My Love Mine All Mine" (oh and "I'm Your Man") started with the same damn effect that bothered me back then ddd. It's this very awkward short-decay+delay, sort of "gated reverb" applied to her voice, idk, that sounds like she's singing in a tiny hallway with the voice bouncing from the walls back into the microphone. It gives some texture like she's singing over the instrumental with her cellphone.

Overall, it is very agradable listen. Even if a little ambivalent about it, I like the return of biiiiig and loud moments, the drowning drums and the lyrics of course. Just missing some HIGHS. Personally, the perfect record would be an hybrid of this one + Laurel Hell. I mean, for real, thank God there's nothing dragging 'round like "Everyone" but if only we had a "Love Me More\The Only Heartbreaker" moment here as well....
Something about The Deal’s melody is so soothing and classic - it’s like a lullaby. This is like a combo of Angel Olsen’s Big Time and a classic Patsy Cline-type country sound (The Frost!!), which is so relaxing and warm.
It’s going to be very difficult for me to rank these songs from most to least favorite - the only two that I haven’t immediately replayed after listening are Buffalo Replaced and When Memories Snow, but even those two are interesting and complex songs (the horns on Memories! The vocals on Buffalo!) even if not totally up my alley.
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I like this but wish I was stanning a bit more. Star is easily my favorite cut here, though I do think the album will blossom more as fall progresses.