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Mixed Pop Groups & Duos Rate • Legend Elim #4 • “One of my Top 10 songs ever!”

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Doodvid, May 31, 2021.


Which decade will provide our winning song?

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  1. 1970s

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  2. 1980s

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  3. 1990s

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  4. 2000s

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  5. 2010s+

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  1. It's up there with V and Pop! as terrible to Google band names.
  2. It's a 10 but I do wish there was some kind of release that would've ended up on Spotify.
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  3. "Even when I think that you're the worst thing in the world..."
    Surprisingly NOT a comment from our voters about my rate hosting skills *ahem*



    Optimystic - 'Best Thing In The World'

    Average score:
    High scorers: @Untouchable Ace (10) @idratherjack (10) @Ezz (9) @AcerBenII (9) @berserkboi (9)
    Low scorers: @j267 (3) @Lost In Japan. (4) @unnameable (5) @MilesAngel (5)

    Notable achievements:
    Reached #70 in the UK charts in 1995
    Final single to be released by Optimystic
    Last song in the rate to have an average score below 7

    Poor Optimystic! The fivesome didn't stand a chance from the moment that their easiest form of promo, mid-90s pop magazines, turned their backs on them in early 1995. It could only be down-hill from there.

    Evidence: fortnightly best-selling teen publication Smash Hits regularly printed a tongue-in-cheek news page feature called 'The A-Z Of Gossip!' and everytime without fail the section for 'O' was called...well...let's take a look:


    O is for OUCH. Eventually in October 1995, 5 months after their final single release, Smash Hits proudly announced Optimystic had indeed split, and that the ladies Shona and Selina were no longer in contact with brothers Ian and Stuart, or Bryn.

    It all seemed so slick when they burst onto the scene in 1994 - they looked amazing (those boys? *insert melty-face-woman.gif*), they dressed expensively, and they had a chart-friendly sound which echoed groups such as Bad Boys Inc. and Take That. The latter is not surprising considering Optimystic was the brainchild of infamous record producer Ian Levine who had worked with TT on their debut and had a history with acts such as Hazell Dean, Bucks Fizz and Dollar. He also has a bit of a sketchy history with fans of the TV series 'Doctor Who' but I won’t go into that here.

    Despite big budgets and glossy design, nothing seemed to click with the public. Of their 3 singles only 1 managed to scrape into the UK Top 40 - their debut didn' t even achieve this - and when 'Best Thing In The World' (in my opion their strongest release) failed to get higher than #70 the plug was pulled. Their album 'Heartbeat' eventually saw release in 1996 but only in the US on a budget label and with THIS cover:


    I mean I know many of my home-made artist gifs are rough around the edges but what in the world of Microsoft Word Art is going on in here on this day?

    Voters say:

    @berserkboi 9
    Take That-esque!

    @Ezz 9
    Trance-y! Love it. Gorgeous laid back vocals too.

    @iheartpoptarts 8
    The background melodies sound so familiar somehow…

    @Doodvid 7.5
    This should've been huge.

    @saviodxl 7
    Sounds very led by Gary Barlow Take That subpar single.

    @Hudweiser 6
    I had their other single, 'Caught Up in My Heart', which was pretty good.

    @DJHazey 5.8
    Honest question: Do any women sing in this?

    Well, based on this 'live' performance, yes.
    Doesn't one of the girls look like Sally from 'Home & Away'?

    Their first single 'Caught Up In My Heart' which reached #49 in September 1994.

    Their only song to break the UK Top 40, 'Nothing But Love' from December 1994, peaked at #37.

    Old Popjustice forum says:

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  4. Not Best Thing In The World! In another rate this would have got my 11, it's such a fantastic pop song. I suspect it suffered from not being well known as had it been sung by Steps or Scooch it would have ended up Top 10 here. Certainly one of my favourite bops in the whole rate.
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  5. Ezz


    All-white outfit? Terrible screensaver backdrop that look like it's come from Ezz's sixth form PC lab? Cheesy and vaguely awful choreography to a mid-tempo bop cover? Our next elimination combines all of these elements...​

    Bigger than the Mississippi river near the ocean
    Wider than the desert and the Utah sky
    Stronger than the dynamos of hoover dam in motion, you supply the reason why



    Six - 'There's a Whole Lot of Lovin' Goin' On'

    Average score: 7.018

    High scorers:
    @AcerBenII (10), @Ezz (9), @DJHazey (8.5)
    Low scorers: @Markus1981 (4.5), @iheartpoptarts (5)

    Notable achievements:
    Debuted at #1, and sold more than 160,000 copies, being the fastest selling single in Ireland and the third highest selling in history.

    The 'Popstars' phenomenon travelled to Ireland in the autumn and winter of 2001 and 2002. Like all good mixed groups, there was a bit of a line up reshuffle early in their careers, with the six originally formed of Sinéad Sheppard, Emma O'Driscoll, Kyle Anderson, Andy Orr, Liam McKenna...and of course fairly infamously a sixteen-year old Nadine Coyle. Any of us who tried to drunkenly memorise a false date of birth in a nightclub queue can surely empathize with this!

    Unfortunately Nadine's power of deception didn't quite pass water with the producers and she was disqualified! Who knows though, would there have been a Girls Aloud without Six? And how many forum conversations wouldn't have ever happened? Sarah Keating was drafted in to replace Nadine, and the group went on to release their first single, a cover of the 1975 UK #2 'There's a Whole Lot of Loving Going On'. It's pretty standard Popstars fare, with one of the better executed key changes in the rate. A WIP remix is straight out of the Step One playbook, nonetheless I think it does lift the track beyond its easy-listening TV status.

    With this fantastic success, the future looked as bright as their Daz-white costumes and smiles!

    Voters say:

    @Ezz 9
    Quite cookie cutter but lovely

    @DJHazey 8.5
    The harmonious sound they produce in the chorus is killer.

    @saviodxl 7.4
    What a non Google friendly name for a band eh?

    @berserkboi 6.5
    Competent enough with a lovely vocal from the girls in the chorus - the boys’ offkey punctuations though *insert Kirsten gif*

    @Doodvid 6.4
    I probably scored this too low but it never really catches my attention in the way I know it’s desperately trying to.

    @Hudweiser 6
    I remember this song being on some 70s tape my dad had. This version is ok. Vocals are a bit lax though.

    I'm really confused what's going on with this performance - are the producers critiquing a dress rehearsal?

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  6. Re:


    My affectionate nod to Nadine’s iconic phonecall to her mammy.
    Or Six phoning the local job-centre of course.
  7. It’s so nice when the youths of today acknowledge the influence of their forebears.

  8. Me in 2004 during my probationary year of teaching, searching the back of my car in full view of my mentor knowing all too well I’d not completed any of the months-worth of required paperwork she needed to evaluate that evening after school…

  9. I love that Nadine is still the most iconic thing about Six, but that does say a lot…

    As for the song, I was very confused as to why the Irish Popstars launched themselves with a song that has so many American references in the verses, so finding out it was a cover makes complete sense.
  10. I wanted to like Six more than I actually did. I had never heard any of their stuff before this rate so was hoping for some Steps/Scooch style poppers o'clock bops but sadly their music was too beige for me (bar After the Goldrush). This one was the best on their album but it's the very definition of a 7/10.
  11. Let's hope at least Let Me Be the One lasts a bit longer.
  12. There's another Six song left?!
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  13. Which of these acts will have lost all their entries before we reach the Top 50?



  14. I know which one it should be! The poor old Fast Food Rockers have done much worse here than I expected. I guess it really isn't easy being cheesy...
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  15. Yes, but the Same Difference version slaps harder.
  16. Wait - that Six song was a cover of a Guys & Dolls song - was that when David Van Day and Therese Bazaar were in the band?
    (For all you small children, I am referring to the people who formed Dollar after Guys & Dolls. For toddlers, I'm referring to a bloke who was on Celebrity reality TV some time ago.)
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  17. A few weeks ago we were discussing Soul U*nique so here's a few uploaded bits that might be of interest.

    Only released on a Smash Hits magazine giveaway and some random promo CD somewhere, this is 'Your Love Is Special':

    Here's the Sleazesisters mix of their debut 'Be My Friend' (incorrectly labelled on the artwork as '12" of Sleeze', remixed by the Sleeze Sisters) - the disrespect:

  18. When Supernatural were eliminated we talked about the band they formed with remnants of the girl-group Excellence. They became Natural Ex and later Nex then NEXX.

    Here's their rare & fairly cute cover of Yazoo's 'Don't Go':

  19. Ezz


    The vocals on the Sleazesisters mix! Were they working with a demo tape?
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  20. Six can definitely last longer than Fast Food Rockers with the songs they both have left.
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