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MIXX Discography Rate: WINNER!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Alright matches, settle in

    It's time to rate one of the best discographies in all of K-pop

    100% killer 0% filler. Not everybody has that

    Of course I'm talking about...


    MIXX (믹스) is a South Korean girl group which debuted in 2016 with smash hit (on the PopJustice forum) single "Oh Ma Mind", named after what you say when their songs take over your thoughts and eventually, entire lives. Queens.


    Oh My Mind
    Love Is a Sudden (사랑은 갑자기)


    Same as always. Basically, rate each track from 0 to 10 and PM me your ballot, but with the added bonus of a special 11/10 for your personal winner. You are only allowed ONE 11/10, my dears. I know it's gonna be hard to choose, but I'm afraid you'll just have to. Deadline is 11th of March 2017 0:00 GMT. Commentary is optional, but encouraged. Well this is gonna be exciting, I genuinely have no idea what could win!

    Let's go!
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  2. ~reserved for leaderboard~

  3. They've had 2 songs.
  4. I hope Love Is a Sudden wins. Lemme send in my scores kii. <3
  5. Queens of longevity, with a career-ending discography.

    I already know my top and bottom scores, just have to figure out where the rest will fall. Do you have an easily PM-able list for us?
  6. So rate them.

    Hope you can send some commentaries as well. I'll start the big countdown on Sunday!

    Oops I knew I missed something! Here you go

    Oh Ma Mind
    Love Is a Sudden

    Also, if anybody feels it's too short notice or they need more time, I can extend the deadline for y'all. Just say~
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  7. I'm so torn with my 11 you guys. I mean it's just bop after bop after bop*. This is going to be the highest average scoring rate ever - 2NE-what? SNSDontknowher...

    * actual number of bops may vary (I.e. just two)
  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  9. Screaming at this incredible undertaking, HOW DO YOU DO IT @Deja-Boo ? How do you keep it all together?
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  10. I know, sis. I'm basically doing all this work for free, but giving back a bit of promo to my faves is the least I could do. I mean I just did my own ballot and my average is 10.5 like, whew. Who's the real winner here? Me.
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  11. Can I give both tracks 0s to bring down the averages?
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  12. What is life.

    Both are an 11.
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  13. I NEED AN EXTENSION!!! I cannot decide what to give my 11 to ....

    Also for your consideration:

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  14. This is my favorite thread in the whole world. I can't wait for the messiness that will ensue once we start getting results.
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  15. Don't you start again

    Last day to get your votes in, y'all! Make it count xx
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  16. I don't think I'm gonna have time for this. Like, I'm really busy with real life at the moment and I just can't find the time to really sit down and score these. I'll be here to send mental support to my 11, though~
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  17. I have six ballots already oop! I guess there goes my attempt at breaking @roux's record for fewest participants in a rate ever. What, you thought I was joking? Oh we're doing this.

    Time for some tagging~

    @Slice of Life
    @D is for Danger! as long as your average is above 5
    @Mikl C
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  19. Oh My Mind or Love Is A Sudden for the win.
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  20. Just sent in my scores. None of you better do Oh My Mind or Love is A Sudden wrong...
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