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Miya Folick (The next Sky Ferreira?)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Minorkey, Jun 22, 2018.

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    I'm surprised no one has started a thread on her. She's got quite a set of lungs, and has been getting poppier with each single. Her latest "Stock Image" is like Cranberries gone synth-pop, those soaring notes in the chorus make me want to weep with joy.

    Her previous single "Deadbody" is that rage bop.

    She's working with Justin Raisen (Lana, Sky Ferreira) for her album. I saw her open for Kate Nash and she's got so much potential. Feel free to tag yourself x
  2. I haven't dug into her older material just yet but Deadbody is incredible and has been in regular rotation for weeks now. Stock Image was not a direction I expected but I can't say I'm complaining, it's amazing.

    Punk-popjustice, assemble. @NecessaryVoodoo @A&E @constantino @AshleyKerwin @xOJakeXo

    See also Meg Myers' last few singles for a similar expedition.

  3. @Kuhleezi @ohnostalgia @Oleander @Jwentz @Animalia xx
  4. She seems really interesting: somewhere between Marina and Courtney Barnett, maybe. I'm not sure her material's quite there yet, and I can't see that album seeing the light of day for a while, but I'm excited to see what she does.
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  5. The bolded mullet part reminded me of Tegan and Sara reminiscing about past hairstyles.

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  6. I have to laugh at 'the next Sky Ferreira?' in the title when this girl is about to release her second album. Sky could never.
  7. Anyways bop. And apparently I already had her 2017 EP saved to Apple Music. @LE0Night continues to prophesize my musical taste.
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  8. Stop Talking is a bop.
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  9. Sky Ferreira, Cranberries and Tori Amos comparisons? Namedropping Post? Justin Raisen?

    Clearly I need to listen to this girl.
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  10. Oop.


    1. Thingamajig
    2. Premonitions
    3. Cost Your Love
    4. Stock Image
    5. Leave The Party
    6. Stop Talking
    7. Freak Out
    8. Deadbody
    9. Baby Girl
    10. What We've Made

    Due October 26.

    Quoth her Facebook, "Robyn’s Honey is also out that day, so, congratulations to the world. It’s gonna be a good day."
  11. Stop Talking is so damn catchy and Deadbody could be a Fiona Apple song. Count me in.
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  12. What's the album called?
  13. Premonitions.
  14. New track 'Thingamajig' is just great. So excited for this album.

  15. What a beautiful song. I have the feeling she will drop a possible AOTY.
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  16. She has such mesmerizing vocals! I was entranced for the entirety of "Thingamajig".
  17. Wait, Thingamajig is divine.
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  18. Album is out!
  19. And it’s fantastic. “Freak Out” is insane.
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  20. I have no words for how amazing this album is so let me sum things up succinctly with a gif instead:

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