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MNDR - "Kimono"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. I really like the EP MNDR did with the guy from Wavves. It's great. And this new track is pretty amazing too. I was really sad when she didn't blow up right after the Mark Ronson collaboration, but I always felt that it was mostly because her visuals kind of sucked.
  2. Blown away on first listen.
  3. Bloody hell. Spotify suggested a song that actually worked. Well done, algorithms!

    MNDR – Kimono. Couldn't be more my cup of tea.

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  4. She's still working! Another great new feature, this time with Jai Wolf. It's honestly amazing.

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  5. A&E


    A new collab with RAC! Here's Unusual:

  6. New tune with TOKiMONSTA.
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    All the above collaborations are fantastic. After all the amazing features and co-writes from the past few years, I wonder if she's plotting a second album. She definitely has surrounded herself with some very talented people in the industry.

    This Flume track from 2016 is worth posting here too:

    It's sad to see this thread has only 2 pages though, I always thought she was popular around here when her debut came out?
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    Another week, another MNDR bop.

    In other news... She confirmed via Facebook that her second album (!) is in the works right now and that she has signed a new record deal with indie label Mom+Pop Music.

    The label's roster includes acts Courtney Barnett, Flume, Hinds, Jai Wolf, Lucius, Poliça, Sleigh Bells, Tei Shi among others.

    Exciting times ahead.
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  9. Mom+Pop are an incredible label so amazing news for her!
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  10. I really like this one.
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  11. What is happening with her. I'd really like a new album, or at least another solo EP.
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  13. I even liked that post from over three months ago!
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    This new song she's featured on is sooooooo good.

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    Her first press pic in 7 (!) years:


    It could make an incredibly striking album/EP cover.
  17. That's AMAZING.

    I really hope an album comes out of this.
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    From the Mom + Pop website:
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