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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. THERE'S AN AMAZING SONG HERE GUYS. Really, this is Popjustice kind of pop music.
  2. Oh, and he helped write "All Fired Up". This is TRULY brilliant. Dare I say reminiscent of early Sam Sparro?

  3. It's nice Paige from The X Factor has got a new job.

    It's a grower, but I wish he hadn't messed with his vocals so much.

    (The Dimitri Tikovoi remix is good too. [And the Manhattan Clique one too!])

  5. [​IMG]

    Free mixtape with new songs

    Janet - Nasty
    Bobby Brown - Every Little Step
    Soul II Soul - Back To Life
    Fresh Prince Theme Song
    MNEK - Every Little Word
    George Michael - FastLove
    Mariah Carey - Fantasy ODB
    MNEK - What Good Is A Heart
    Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On
    Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn
    Black Box - Everybody Everybody
    Javeon - Lovesong
    Rudimental - Baby
    Rudimental - Spoons
    Duke Dumont - Need U (100)
    MNEK - FML

    If his past work is anything to go by (Imagine an album of All Fired Ups, Ready for Your Loves, 100%s!) this album will be amazing.
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  6. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    This will be brilliant. He is a proper talent.
  7. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I really haven't enjoyed much of his previous work, so I don't hold out too much hope for this album. A lot of it sounds a bit tinny and hookless to me? That being said, that mixtape was amazing, so at least we know he's aiming high.
  8. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Did he lose a fuckload of weight?
  9. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Still waiting for the Charli XCX version of Spoons.
  10. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    What is this? A young male with solid pop instincts who's not afraid to show them off? Anyone who had a hand in All Fired Up gets a look from me.
  11. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    The mixtape truly is very good.
  12. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    His vocals are also so versatile too. AND he knows his way with a pop hook.
    All Fired Up was the big pop single of 2011 and gets better with every year. Amazing eh?
  13. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Too bad he isn't likeable as a person. He comes across as an arrogant chap.
  14. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I don't think he does. How does he come across like that to you?
  15. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    He must have lost a lot of weight. Can't wait to listen on my computer.
  16. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I really can't put my finger on it. He just doesn't seem like popstar material for me. He yet has to amaze me I guess. But I'm curious and I hope he can change my mind in 2014.
  17. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    He is one of the best thing to happen to pop in recent years. If a pop girl gets him a lead single (we all know who we're looking at here, come on now Q2 2014) on his hands then I can see him properly properly exploding.
  18. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I would like an All Fired Up re-fix.
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