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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    He could do right by Mariah though.
  2. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Imagine, MNEK X Mariah and the end result being a slow jam ballad with no hooks or good parts.
    She has the antimidas touch lately.

    Jokes aside, he could give her a Misha B track and she'd smash. Too bad she's too insecure.
  3. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I was arrogant at 18 because I won a Smash Hits T-shirt. I think if he does come across as that (which I haven't seen) it's kinda guaranteed? Also, nice popstars always flop, no?
  4. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    He should reinterpret the entire Ariana Grande album.
  5. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Listening to him say "amalgamation" before introducing that mix and then listening to her singing she gets "kinda hectic inside" and you just know they'd come up with some brilliantly messy jam for this and future generations. Something like Rudimental's "Baby" would be great for her.
  6. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    He really does. I had to unfollow him on twitter, and I'm a massive Azealia Banks fan... Do you have some dealings with him and A*M*E or something, Vasilios?
  7. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    This is my new favourite thread.
  8. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I know the guy that manages A*M*E, but he has nothing to do with MNEK, I think? It's the same group of friends that work together sometimes I think.
  9. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Ohhh okay, I did wonder as you create most of the threads for A*M*E and now this one!
  10. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Isn't that how threads work? You get a news / information, then post about it. I wish I knew MNEK personally. I'd ask him to create an autotune-heavy track for me haha. If Paris Hilton can etc.

    ANYWAY I can MNEK being a one man De La Soul for 2014.
  11. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I've been waiting on his Debut forever. Glad it's finally happening.
  12. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Oh, I wasn't criticising.
  13. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    He should do a Refix of this.

  14. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)


    And also Cuddly Toy, On Our Own and No More Lies.
  15. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I want him to refix:


    Although would generally be happy with him refixing any 90s and early 00s hit really. The Mumba's "Baby Come On Over" and 3LW's "Baby I'mma Do Right" come to mind.
  16. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I hope he puts out a single soon. I used to love If Truth Be Told.
  17. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    That mixtape!!!!. good god it's like he raided my itunes most played list throughout the ages. Can't believe is 19.
    I'm excited for him as a popstar. He's basically the popstar I would have been if I'd got my shit together.
  18. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I think this is going to be a great pop album. I hope he gets Mutya Keisha Siobhan in to provide both class harmonies and massive credibility.
  19. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Does anyone know if and/or when the Duke Dumont collaboration 'Hold On' is going to be released?
  20. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    It's not. I asked him on Twitter a few weeks ago and they've both decided to just not bother. I expect it'll be on someone's album as a bonus track or something, but it's not being used as a single by either act. I suspect it had zero support?
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