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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    What is this massive credibility you speak of?
  2. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I love his voice, so sexy.
  3. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

  4. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    There is no point in explaining it to you, MiChiMadNesS, for only I can sense it. I have the power.
  5. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I bet MNEK would cook up an amazing amazing amazing song with ANNIE.
  6. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Coming SOON on Kirklandia Recs!
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    Speaking as somebody who considers De La Soul as one of my favourite acts of all time, I'd be cautious of such hyperbole. He has heaps of talent though, even if I'm not entirely sure where he'll "slot" into the market.
  8. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    City Lights is still the best thing he's ever done.
  9. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Sexy? I've always found a boyish quality to his voice, despite being so deep.
  10. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)


    She gets it.

    He's worked with Diplo and Jean Baptiste and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for his album or maybe for others. We'll see. Jean Baptiste!
  11. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Katy seems to have really decent taste in music. She was well on board with Jessie Ware before anyone else too. Now MNEK? I think she does get it. I am so ready for his album. Ready For Your Love is played to death on this stereo
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    Walking On Air (Gorgon City Radio Mix ft MNEK) please. Though the track is perfect as it is.
  13. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I hope his album doesn't end up becoming more deep house, there's some good stuff out there but all the shit is seeping through too.
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    His music is far too retro for me in most cases. I hate his remix of "Flatline".
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  16. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Should one's debut single really evoke memories of the Will & Grace credits sequence?
  17. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Actually laughed out loud. I was trying to pinpoint the familiarity of the font as I read it!
  18. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I love that they actually clarified pronunciation on the single sleeve. Ties in well with MNEK's whole 90s 'vibe'.
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    MNEK has no chance at a solo career. The Voice UK winner is basically a thin version of him, with more charisma.
  20. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    So excited to hear this but it will be interesting to see how he does as a solo artist.
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