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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    The video is very... old-school, in a way. It's a very modern take on something that could have from the 90's. It's also managed to make the song more enjoyable.
  2. Retsaf

    Retsaf Guest

    Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Apparently we're getting new music on Friday or something, he said on twitter.
  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I just don't buy into this guy being a popstar. His productions are quirky and I enjoy them and his singing voice is passable but the whole thing just doesn't come together into a neatly packaged viable popstar. I think he should stick to producing for other people.
  4. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    On a technical level his singing is better than 80% of the popstars that get posted on this forum. In any case, I've just realized he posted a snippet of Every Little Word some 6 months back buried in a minimix he did. So I wonder if the new song we'll be getting this Friday is "What Good is A Heart" which is also in that mix at around 4:40 and sounds pretty good:

    A studio version of Don't Call This Love would be nice too. His soundcloud is full of great stuff, just on a pure taste-level I can't imagine me not liking his album when it drops.
  5. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I'd rather he updated If Truth Be Told to have a more house pop production behind it, that song is so fun.
  6. Retsaf

    Retsaf Guest

    Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Not keen on the title at all. Sounds like a naff, cliched ballad to me. Also, wasn't Every Little Word the lead single? I do hope it's still on the album...
  7. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Doesn't really sound like a ballad to me. Maybe he's using "lead single" to mean the single released right before the album? The snippet sounds closer to the house stuff he's been doing so my guess is it's more commercial than Every Little Word and thus better suited to promoting the album right before its release.
  8. Retsaf

    Retsaf Guest

    Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Oh, I was just judging from the title alone.
  9. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I really love Every Little Word until that moment where the line is repeated over and over again at different pitches.
  10. Retsaf

    Retsaf Guest

    Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Yes, it's a brilliant song but I'd have to get rid of so many parts of it that are just awful. The key change is the worst bit.
  11. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    So Every Little Word has been shafted off as a 'Buzz' single then I guess.

    I'm sure if it did better they wouldn't have a problem calling it the lead single.

    This is one gripe I have about artists these days and the music industry.

    So many buzz singles etc.

    Just have your 1st single ready, promote the shit out of it and go, don't just drop something and see if it catches on. Great tracks get forgotten about by this occurring! Perfect example Katy B What Love Is Made Of
  12. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I'm looking forward to hearing this very much. I'm probably one of the few people that genuinely believes Every Little Word was always intended as a buzz single, it's not hit material, just something to kick start an album campaign.
  13. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I's say listen to Every Little Word again. I didn't thing much of it at first but now i fuckin love it. It's so great in the car. Gives me pure George Michael fast love summer vibes.
  14. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I hadn't listened before posting it. Oh dear this is kind of amazing.
  15. LJB


    Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Bloody hell. This isn't shit is it.
  16. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Amazing. I can't help but think he and Kylie would make an amazing duo.
  17. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Really good. I've quite liked what's come before, but this has gotten me fully on board.
  18. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Fuck, it's brilliant. Like properly caps lock, no punctuation FUCK ITS BRILLIANT.
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