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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Sep 20, 2011.

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    This is definitely more in the vain of the deep house stuff he'd been doing with Duke Dumont, Gorgon City, etc, but there are little flourishes all over the place in this that give it so much character: the perfectly timed strings that come in and out on the second verse and then again at the very end of the song, the way the instrumental drops out in the second verse so we can hear him harmonizing with himself and generating an echo effect. That decision to forgo a middle 8 and go straight into a belted version of the final chorus is a move straight out of "We Belong Together".
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    Kiesza and MNEK both nailing it in one day. Could not be more pleased, especially since I didn't care much for 'Every Little Word'.
  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    This is much better than Every Little Word
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    I can't get over how utterly gaudy all of his songs are, this being no exception.
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    The vocals on the new track do have a very Mariah kinda build up to the climax at the end.
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    This is quite nice, am I the only person that prefers Every Little Word?
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    Best description of the song so far.
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    At mentions of a belting final chorus I was wary, normally because I find his higher range appealing in limited doses, but it was actually rather restrained. I like it, although not as much as Every Little Word.
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    I almost gave up on this song and then I fast forward to the last 30 seconds. Suddenly it became brilliant. It's a lil slow to get going, but when it does...
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    Much better than Every Little Word. This is proper jam! I hope this does well on the charts
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    I can see Radio 1 getting behind this one. Really great song.
  12. Retsaf

    Retsaf Guest

    Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    I don't like it. Sorry.
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    He isn't going to happen, he really needs to give up.
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    Even more brilliant the next day. Hope this is a hit for him.
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    I hated the first single, but I like this song. That said, I think he needs to start evolving/switching his sound up a little, as it's already beginning to sound slightly stale.
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  17. Re: MNEK (Debut Album)

    Obsessed with Wrote a Song About You. It's genius.
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    No, I do too. This is lovely, but I am getting a bit tired of this house revival. It sounds really 'tidy' and 'proper', like dance music for people who don't like actually dancing but just want something trendy sounding in the background while sipping martinis at the latest hotspot.
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    Like with any revival of a genre there's good and bad music being released and it can get tiring when everyone jumps on the bandwagon. I Wrote A Song About You meshes house with pop better than most artists have done at the moment, but I hope he doesn't end up chasing the trend for a hit.
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