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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    That’s not his brand, though.

    He’s just a random being an ass. He was doing the same thing to Anthony Joshua a few months ago.
  2. (Sis it's a @playboy69 joke)
  3. I'm glad he shared that because I think people need to be confronted with the horrors that black people face on social media. How exhausting for him though. Mad that this guy isn't backing down at all too? Proper chip on his shoulder...
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  4. A white person telling MNEK, a black guy, that he should be thanking Joel Corey (white) for hiring him on a house (genre created by black people) track.

    Make it make sense.
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Oh, her?

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  6. This must be exhausting and frustrating for him. I will never understand how some people take time to go and harass others on social media, humans are truly awful. Imagine telling MNEK of all people that he wouldn’t have a hit without a white guy when he spent most of his career crafting hits for other (mostly white) artists.
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  7. Also, on that note, I need new solo music from him soon
  8. He seemed a bit down and deflated re new music at some point this year (based on some tweets) so I hope Head + Heart smashing completely gives him incentive to do more.
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  9. I often pray that MNEK will become so huge that his clout can greenlight a major label album for Misha B...
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  10. Hope "Head & Heart" becomes big stateside.
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  12. I get the impression that MNEK isn't very keen on his pre-Language solo music (he was definitely berating his early music videos on Twitter a couple of times), but this song's boppery is undeniable:

    And this remix enhances the boppery even further:

  13. You’ve just reminded me of this bop.
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  14. I miss his iconic Soundcloud mash-ups.
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  15. I always liked If Truth Be Told.
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  16. ...but, WOW, what a moment.
  17. This undeniable bop too. At Night walked so Never Forget You could run.

  18. I’m such a stan of him as a person (and I fancy him dd) and always check out what he puts out or has hand in - which includes a lot of what my faves put out. I hope I LOVE his next solo effort, whatever shape it takes. I liked Language, but it didn’t hold up over time for me.
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  19. Yes his early stuff and soundcloud mashups were brilliant.
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