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MNEK - Language (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. The song's out:

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  2. Right as always!
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  3. This song has been one of my favorite summer bops and it makes me so sad that he's so slept on!
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  4. The video is perfect for this heat!
  5. Don’t think it’s been posted...
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  6. I really really hope he’s absolutely cracking on working his ass off on project two. With the slightly underwhelming commercial success of project one he might well be one of those artists that needs to grind on and pump out the projects to gain traction til people fully latch on. A future Bowie where the click comes around album 4/5 and a few side projects trajectory.
    The fact that he’s writer and producer means he’ll be more cost efficient and can hussle and make coin through the writes. I hope he’s not too down beat about Language. A brilliant debut.
  7. Ddddd.
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  8. this ain't the 60s.
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  9. Not sure what the 60s has to do with anything. Not all artists hit it right out of the gate. Just look at Lizzo; she’s finally seeing major success with her 3rd album after kicking around for nearly a decade. At some point, the right song will hopefully come along at the right time and people will connect. Doesn’t even mean he has to be wildly successful, as long as he finds an audience.
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  10. Wtf it's already been a year??
  11. Oh, this sounds good!

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  12. New version of 100 Times. Unsure why he's not featured.
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  13. This is super disappointing to me. It sounds like he will still release music (thank god), I just find it sad to imagine not getting another full length from him after how amazing Language was.
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