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MNEK - Language (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. noooooo

    The album is dying though... he has a point.

    Meanwhile stream his fabulous track with A*M*E / Kabba

  2. I can certainly see why he's averse after Language flopped, but as a true stan of music I thought he might appreciate the importance of the album experience.

    Only 3 days til their collab (and her entire EP) too. I suppose it is spoiled to be complaining!

  3. Hmm. I wonder if he's going to go all OneRepublic and start chucking out regular singles without an official album concept tying them together.
  4. ddd all the acts who've eschewed albums and you choose OneRepublic as a reference?
  5. Damn MNEK, I was waiting for that amazing sophomore album. I wonder if he’s just being a troll...
  6. With the others it’s often incompetence and/or floppery that prevents the album from happening. OneRepublic were quite deliberate in saying that they didn’t want to release an album and weren’t intending for anything during their singles-only phase to be on an album.
  7. K94


    I feel like he just doesn't want a repeat of those first week sales nn
  8. I mean I don’t blame him?
  9. If you're doing those kinds of numbers with a major label push it's a good indicator that people just aren't going to buy into you as a popstar. It's a shame, because it was a great album.

    He's a talented writer and producer so I think throwing out some cute EPs and one-off bops is totally viable for him, I don't think there has to be any long-term plan. He's got a decent enough profile to be doing Prides or cool queer events if he wanted to do live stuff.
  10. I'd love a complete MNEK discography, including his own stuff, features,
    writes/co-writes, songs he produced/co-produced and any remixes he's done. Any stan out there has that on Spotify for me to listen to?
  11. This is one he made himself.
  12. One-off singles and dance bop features could be an interesting way for him to go. Works for Becky Hill.
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  14. I wonder why Hold Up by Beyonce and Living For Love / Hold Tight aren't there?
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  15. Maybe there's a certain percentage they needed to have written to qualify? I remember him saying he wrote one line in Hold Up.
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  16. The amount of bops he has been a part of. Imagine having this legacy at 25.
  17. It’s a shame he won’t do another album, I hope he goes for EPs as one off singles don’t usually build up much momentum.
  18. Taking a closer look, there are quite a few omissions. I reckon the tool is not 100% developed yet. I checked a couple at random and they weren't there either (can’t remember what they were now). But exciting stuff nevertheless.
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  19. I feel like I’m setting myself up for disappointment but I feel like he really has the songwriting skills and star power to pull off something really interesting outside of the traditional album context. Body Talk always comes to mind and unlike others who simply don’t have the range (Miley) I think MNEK could do something substantial with that format
  20. Oh, it definitely isn’t properly developed yet.

    MNEK allegedly having written Take On Me, which was released before he was born?

    A time-travelling legend.
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