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MNEK - Language (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. He is that talented, he probably did!
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  2. I screamed at "the A-ha hive". I love him.
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  3. "Happy to be a part of the amazing music.......and there's Colour over there"
  4. His KABBA collab 'Bridges' is out now - though he produced the full EP and it's well worth a listen.
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  5. He co-wrote the new Jonas Blue & Paloma Faith banger.

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  6. That isn't something I would own up to.
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  7. The topline's really good, though. The chorus is undeniable. But Jonas Blue's production style is so... 2015 royalty free, travel-vlogging channel. I can't get into it.
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  8. I like the topline, too -very pop but with a bit of a conversational twist.
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  9. Release this as a single, king. Eric Benét vibes.
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  10. That's a cute story, thought I'd share:

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  11. MNEK giving us musical public service announcements:

  12. In another simulation, Language was #1 and certified as it should have deserved.
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  13. That was such a great watch. He's so intelligent, talented and I wish he gets the recognition he deserves.
    Can't wait to hear new Little Mix tracks by him. We know it's magic, like Touch and Wasabi
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  14. I especially loved how self-aware, humble and grateful he is for his position in the music landscape. His speech about focusing on the people who care and are willing to spend our time, money on energy on his music and what he has to say instead of thinking of those who won't was beautiful.

    "When people say I'm underrated - I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be right now", I see and applaud his point but I do believe he deserves much more recognition.
  15. He just... deserves everything.
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