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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Talented?
  2. Fascination still bangs.
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  3. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Alphabeat are/were shit anyway aside from a few throwaway bops. I'm perfectly fine with him using them as a punching bag.
  4. Nah, petty & messy.

    He is talented, yes, but most gays are super talented in some way, shape, or form.
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  5. I just found out he's a Scorpio. Suddenly, his penchant for pettiness is making sense.

    I'm lowkey an astrology hoe. Don't @ me.
  6. I'm also a Scorpio. I didn't realise we were known for being petty, I thought that was just me ddd
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  7. I might be blinded by my stan goggles, but I don't blame him for feeling a little bitter, considering he's been consistently putting out great material for years and hasn't really got the support/success he deserves. I'd like to imagine I'd be a little more diplomatic in his situation, but realistically, I'd get a little frustrated.

    I just found out MNEK and I were born on the same day! Do I get special powers?
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  8. Same.

    Same, same.
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  9. Sorry to bring this up again, but the complete radio silence from practically everyone he's worked with (and made hits for) the week Language came out still baffles me.
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  10. Let me dig up my old post:
    Also I don't see what's wrong with MNEK voicing his upset at how he was treated all those years ago - Alphabeat could still reply with 'hey we apologise, we saw a kid in the studio and we, being ignorant and rude, left' and all will be well.
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  11. K94


    There's need for that. Nothing is going to come from that tweet. What they did wasn't cute at all but it was ages ago and I doubt he'd rather them spend ages with him to no avail (isn't studio time ridiculously expensive?). He really needs to pick his battles sometimes. His annoyance about his commercial success is all valid but this comes across counterproductive.
  12. Sometimes collaborations just don’t work and I don’t see any issue with that. Move on.
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  13. But the odd thing is he did get quite a bit of support for Tongue, and even some for Girlfriend. It's just the album that got ignored. Everyone was there for him except when it mattered most.
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  14. Like I said at the time, no one was obliged to tweet about him, and I don't expect everyone he's ever produced for to throw support at him, but you think his actual friends would've/could've sent a quick tweet on the day of release.
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  15. Fighting with Alphabeat sksks SIS
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  16. Did any of them know it was coming out?
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  17. I went to one of his recent US shows and....WOW. Consider me shooketh. His voice is outstanding, his runs impeccable, the range so astounding. He played a giant setlist, giving people what they wanted and more. The dancers were such a surprise and out of this world. They complemented him so well, and you could tell everybody was having so much fun. Can't recommend more highly to go see him live. So good.
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  18. Ddd that was fun. The album still slaps. Also loving the Simple Life shirt.
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