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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. 'Head & Heart' has entered the Top 50 on Top 40 radio with a healthy bullet. Both LA stations (KIIS and KAMP) leading the way, with the second NYC top 40 station in 4th.

    Big Beat/EMG are really promo'ing this so I can see it actually becoming a big hit stateside too!
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  2. Sis is spilling on Twitter.
  3. Damn, he deleted. What was it?
  4. The producer of Dynamite votes/is a Tory. (I *think* that's what it was. Maybe there was more.)
  5. He got the wrong Dave/David I think might be why he deleted though he does delete tweets a lot.
  6. He never named anyone?
  7. LTG


  8. Oh I didn’t see the tweet.
  9. For a hot minute I though he was going off at Dave Stewart from Eurythmics.

    (That would have been iconic though.)
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  11. Boppp.
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  12. I'm not particularly thrilled by this, it's just fine for me, but if it gets him another hit and leads to another solo album then I'll be happy.
  13. The MNEK erasure in this original tweet is infuriating. Put respect on her name.
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