I dunno if anybody else has mentioned it yet, but MNEK did an Instagram Q&A on his stories a few hours ago, and during said Q&A he revealed that he's now a fully-independent artist. Guess he must've seen what RAYE did with Polydor and decided to do the same with EMI.

That's so exciting! I'm so happy for MNEK!

Keeping my fingers crossed that this collab is better executed than the one with Katy B...
This one left me a bit whelmed, to be honest. I was expecting a bit more from the both of them and it feels a bit too sugar-y. A similar feeling to when Katy B and Craig released Who Am I.
Did anyone notice that he’s wiped his Instagram page? He did post about Where Did You Go on his stories but it’s pretty much all gone. New era incoming, or maybe he’s taking a break?