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MØ - Live To Survive (New Single 2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Moo, still the coolest living artist from Fyn.
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  2. The king @Vasilios put me on to this from his post in the Agnes thread. What a bop this is. Go Mo!
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  3. How is this out for 5 days and how haven't I heard this? BOP!
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  4. I know she's unlikely to ever get a huge push ever again at this point in her career, but this seems to have flown under a lot of radars. I don't think I've seen any promo or coverage?
  5. This is, like, every RCA artist's dream. Queen!

    She's got enough of a streaming presence to keep churning out decently performing singles and get cute festival bookings forever, so she's in a relatively good position compared to some of her peers. (Also she never needs to work again after 'Lean On', so).
  6. I'm doing a bit of research and turns out her last album was released with Columbia in the US. Still with RCA in the UK though.
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  7. No Mythologies to Follow is one of the albums of my life.
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  8. No Mythologies to Follow has aged really, really well. It sounds fresh as fuck still.

    Lean On happening was lowkey kind of a tragedy. She’s had a lot of great moments since, but I think she would’ve produced a lot more interesting follow-up material without the misguided commercial pressure.
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  9. I've also been back on No Mythologies since Friday and echo the love. Such an assured and accomplished debut, it starts out incredibly strong. There's some filler later but even that's good stuff, it reminds me a lot of True Romance actually in many ways.

    Some of her melodies and the way she plays with her vocals are so interesting. She sounds fucking amazing on Maiden, Pilgrim, Fire Rides... her lower register especially, but then also going crazy high on Slow Love. A vocalist!

    I think the commercial pressure/standalone singles era that followed Lean On was interesting because Final Song was low key a smash that had legs and even Nights With You and Kamikaze had done okay. They didn't have to abandon that album and the one that did come wasn't as strong despite being less commercial.

    I only noticed recently that she dropped On & On from the Final Song album sessions on Spotify in 2019. That would've made a great single at the time, they just seemed to change plans and then she was touring Europe with no album out...

    Still her time away has made me keen for new stuff and now I'm proper excited. I wonder if the disco banger sound is a one-off or if there'll be more of that.
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  10. This is better than anything from that second album. The production is very very similar to Save Your Tears.
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  11. I just heard this, what a thumper.
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  12. I know she’s been away a while but this should be getting more streams. Sigrids new song is almost 3million ahead and it’s not as good.
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  13. She needs a Jools Holland slot like Sigrid had recently.
  14. Sigrid is getting more streams because she is kind of a new artist. MO was in silence for two years I think?
  15. This should be a worldwide smash hit.
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  16. She tagged Ariel Rechtshaid and Jam City on Instagram. Perched!
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Live To Survive is still such a banger - can't wait for more!!
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  18. Holy shit, that's a dream team!
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