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MØ - Motordome (3rd Album - Jan 2022)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Speaking of Blur, this appeared recently:
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I don't get the love for Blur? At least half of the album is better than that, with I Want You, Nostalgia and Sun In Our Eyes being the easy top 3.
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  3. I think this album is one of the biggest disappointments this year, such a letdown after No Mythologies. Girl go back to Vindahl.
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  4. I wouldn't call it a disappointment because my expectations were low anyway based on Nostalgia and Sun In Our Eyes (and the endless wait), but it's a serious drop off from No Mythologies. But whatever, I think I've made peace with the fact that the debut was a moment of wild genius that'll never be recreated.

    I just want her to find some fresh collaborators and inspiration now for MØ3.
  5. I don't really get the 'worse than No Mythologies' argument, purely because the two albums aren't that different? Some tracks could easily be interchangeable between either album.
  6. Wait this

    is now a single? Ki.
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  7. I love this album more than Mythologies. It's more diverse, with special attention to the out of tune bagpipe chorus.
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  8. Blur (feat. Foster The People) is out there. It'll be officially released tomorrow.
  9. Yeah, I really tried to get this to click but I'm just not a fan.

    See y'all in 6 years for the follow up!
  10. GCZ


    Their verse is atrocious
  11. I like Blur
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  12. Not sure why I slept on this album for so long, but wow it’s wonderful.
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  13. I just realised that Blur is very popular. No need for the small font
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I Want You is such a killer track - love it, and the album was a nice surprise for 2018.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I neeeeeed a performance of I Want You. I'm so obsessed with this album t b h.
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  16. This is just a soundtrack song and it’s PHENOMENAL? Like one of her best songs ever. I’m blown over.
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  17. I was thrown by this, too. She’s got another song listed on the soundtrack too.
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  18. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    Please let this song be a blueprint for the next album, it's so good. A bit reminiscent of the slower moments on 'Forever Neverland' but more chilled back and through a Sade and Sting filter.

    I'm so excited to hear "Northern Lights" too from the upcoming full soundtrack now.
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  19. Wait...people don’t like Blur? That chorus is one of the best summations of anxiety I’ve heard in a recent pop song:

    Let me out, I’m trapped in a blur
    Started out the way I wanted but it’s weird now
    Let me out, I’m lost in the words
    Too much in my head, I shoulda seen the bad signs
    I wanna tell you everything will be fine
    But I’m afraid that it's a waste of your time
    Let me out, I’m lost in the words
    Don't know how I ended here
    Trapped in a blur

    Like, yes sum up the snowball effect of overthinking everything along with the fear that you’ll inevitably fall into the same toxic patterns, guilting yourself out of deepening relationships with people who care about you.

    And I fucking love the drop in all its noisiness; fits the song wonderfully.

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