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MØ - Motordome (3rd Album - Jan 2022)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Yeah I was hesitant to give Theme Song a listen but it’s fantastic.
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  2. 2014

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    This whole album still holds so fucking well, and Theme Song knocks so hard.
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  3. Theme Song really doesn't have any business being this good. That chorus is hauntingly beautiful.
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  4. Um Theme Song is wonderful. Bossa MØva is not something I knew I needed.
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  5. I've had Red Wine stuck in my head all day.
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    This album is FILLED with potential singles, a shame she hasn't been able to capitalise on it.
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  7. I’m still taken with this album. There are a couple clunkers but I Want You, Blur, If It’s Over, Imaginary Friend and Purple Like the Summer Rain are some of my favorite songs from last year. She has a remarkable way of voicing rampant anxiety and self induced loneliness.
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  8. That "Purple Like the Summer Rain" reign just won't let up. I absolutely adore that song. It's lush, summery, and transportive. I think it's my most-played MØ song.
  9. Same. I fucking love the melody for it.

    I love my Japanese physical CD version of this album, as it includes Kamikaze, Final Song & Nights With You.

    I can't believe she took forever to release this and then it does nothing. POOR IT.
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  10. I bought the Japanese version as well, it was the only way to go really.
  11. I only wish it had the New Year’s song to wrap up all the orphan singles.
  12. This video came out a bit late, but yas, a bop.
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    These videos a year after the (highly underrated) album's come out......sis.
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  14. This album was such a chronic disappointment. She can do so much better. I still play No Mythologies all the time.
  15. WRONG
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  16. I don't understand why videos are bring released now, but I still love this album. It was one of my soundtracks to last (Australian) summer, and now the weather is warming up again, it's going back on rotation. I Want You is a perfect pop banger.
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  17. I know it went down quite well on here. I just find that compared to the debut it's so conversative, sonically unadventurous, lacking in memorable hooks and generally has a sense of "will this do?". I really think the album she was going to put out with Kamikaze, Final Song, Nights With You and the unreleased banger On & On she performed live (all far better than everything here) would've been a much stronger sophomore effort.
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