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MØ - Motordome (3rd Album - Jan 2022)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Wait, the album is out Friday? It's a big week for the Scandi kweens.
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  2. The absolute lack of buzz for this is quite something, they're not even bothering with physicals. I think this'll inevitably be her last on a major.
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  3. My thoughts exactly.
    Oh. Never mind then.
  4. I think she’s been on her local Sony label for a while, definitely the past two years.
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  5. The way that I had no idea she was even working on a new album...I can't decide if that's more on me or her management dd

  6. This is V good.
  7. I love the new album. The contents are more focused compared to Neverland. Flawless production. Too bad the rollout is so lacking.
  8. New Moon, another Noonie smasha.
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    New Moon slaps! I'll definitely give the album a few tries, I loved Forever Neverland.
  10. Loving this today. She rarely disappoints.
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  11. The album is awesome.
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  12. Super happy with this! I've always fallen in and out of love with her but this is a solid start-to-finish modern pop record.
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  13. “New Moon” is a smash.

    Now someone fix the thread title.
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  14. Yeah this album is killer. New Moon is a huge bop. It's a shame everything seems so... quiet surrounding the release?
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  15. The run from Cool to Cry to New Moon is so good. Hip Bones is also a moment.
  16. I’ve seen a couple of references to a future deluxe version, but with the quietness of the rollout and apparent lack of interest from the GP I have my doubts. I’d gladly snatch this up on a vinyl version.
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  17. She has reliable instincts. I need more time to parse favorites but as someone who also had no clue this was coming yesterday I’m pleasantly surprised!
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