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MØ - Motordome (3rd Album - Jan 2022)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ElectricHearts, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Shh


    What an amazing song. I hope this does well for her after 'Kamikaze' flopped the way it did, I thought the people would still be interested in her after 'Lean On'. I hope she gets a hit of her own this time.
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    It has way more hit potential than "Kamikaze", I think.
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  3. This is the first song I've heard of hers and I am obsessed. It is such a great track.
    edit: I'm not counting Lean On. (which I just realized is the same person)
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  5. Normally I'd consider Vas to be over-hyping, but this is damn good. Keep on shining that Danish goodness, queen.
  6. Ok I'm not that familiar with her stuff but blimey, "Final Song" is just amazing. What a fucking song! Definitely gonna check out her other stuff now.
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  7. And it's written by Noonie Bao. OK no wonder it's incredible.
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  8. I'm not ready to rate it above Work From Home just yet, but that fact that it's in the running after a day is incredible. It's certainly the Song of the Summer.
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  9. Okay I’m definitely hopping on the ride for this.
  10. This is nice, but I actually think Kamikaze is tonnes more interesting a song.

  11. (I sneakily said SONG OF THE YEAR so that WFH can remain Single of the year)

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  12. What a banger. It's a lot more instant than "Kamikaze" for me and just more interesting all around. Hopefully she can launch her album on the back of this – and give "Kamikaze" the "Focus" treatment.
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    Final Song is really brilliant.
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  14. Final Song is taking over my life.
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  15. The Fader has published a great piece on her, it's quite an interesting read. And on a side note, she still looks super gorgeous as a blonde.
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  16. fuzzilios

    edit: What a great piece indeed! If all interviews / artist profiles were like this I'd be so happy.

    In addition to MNEK, the album features a clutch of twentysomething autodidacts, who, like Mø, are currently making the charts more interesting. Cashmere Cat produced some songs, and so did BloodPop, most notably on “Drum,” co-written by Charli XCX and Noonie Bao. It’s a tropical outsider anthem that ramps into a squelchy hook of Dance to the beat of your heart/ To the beat of your drum, punctuated with “Hey!”s similar to Mø’s early single “Pilgrim.” Like most great chart songs, you can instantly picture it blaring from the flotilla of a gay pride parade. Other tracks, like “True Romance” and “Goodbye My Lover,” stick closer to No Mythologies To Follow, sprucing up the beats-driven sound of her first album into songs that soar.
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  17. I may have just peed a little reading that album description.
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  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Her first album was pretty great. I have high hopes for this.
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  20. A track called True Romance. Sue her, Charlotte.
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