MØ - Motordome

I like it! When Karen first appeared I dead ass thought she was a backup dancer. I'm still digging the blonde, though, I'm just not used to it; and luckily some actual dancers show up later on. I never bothered to watch the "Kamikaze" clip but compared to the videos from her debut this is a step up.
For someone who started with those music videos featuring her lying in her bed lip syncing to her Macbook I think she became a pretty good popstar. I love the song and the video.
I'm torn. She looks good with that hair, but it makes her look average, which in turn makes the song sound more average than it already is.
I love the song and the video!
The video actually made me like the song more, it's so beautiful and goes perfectly with the song.
Love the imagery of her levitating above the giant rock.
Made this single cover because I love this shot so much.